Mutual[a][b][c] Aid, Disability Justice, and Community Care

‘The Cripples Will Save You’: A Critical Coronavirus Message from a Disability Activist

Half Assed Disabled Prepper Tips for Preparing for a Coronavirus Quarantine

Contagion, Consent, and Connection

Pod-mapping for mutual aid

Resource for people who use drugs and harm reduction workers and syringe services

Supports offered by Bay Area folks organizing against California fires

Grand Rapids Area Mutual Aid Network 

How to Neighbourhood Pod

Next Door Helper (new resource designed in US but useable globally)

What to do when the world is on fire (transcript from podcast ep on mutual aid)

Coronavirus, climate change, and community care

Giant list of ideas for being at home (quarantined) with kids

Template message you can share with your neighbours

The coronavirus is putting the failings of ableism and individualism on full display

A note Immunocompromised people can edit & share with their people

Thread on local community response in an apartment building

Mutual aid template note for neighbours

Coronavirus Resource Kit (NYC-based)

Don’t forget: disasters and crises bring out the best in people


US-Specific COVID-19 Mutual Aid Resources (Google Drive)

Black Emergency Support Fund (BLM-TO) and Donation Link

Coronavirus and Community care… a few weeks in

COVID-19 Community Care networks in Canada

Resource: Helping with meal preparation and delivery for people who are immunocompromised

UHN Neighbour hotline for seniors

Emergency resources for marginalized artists & communities

Online AA Meetings

Free online resources to support hibernation, quarantine, self-isolation

Zine: Safety practices for mutual aid: food and supply distribution

Big spreadsheet of COVID-19 Toronto resources

COVID-19 guide for sex workers (Maggie’s & Butterfly)

Useful resource / graphic for workers, esp non-unionized workers re: EI (TAPS)

Directory of remote jobs hiring

Resource by Michael DeForge -- can be handed to neighbours

Help Indigenous people in Toronto re: COVID-19 - Fund

COVID-19 Resource List by LGBTQ Youthline

20 online grocery delivery options (BlogTO)

Neighbourhood Pods - Mutual Aid Toolkit for Canada

COVID resources Toronto

CareMongering TO Demands

Some lessons/advice from AIDS activism & how to avoid isolation

Accessing Income Support in the wake of COVID-19 (ISAAC resource on EI)

Gladday fund for LGBTQ2S artists, gig workers, etc.

Dial-a-doc: OHIP-covered phone consults with doctors

Resource with table breaking down EI for you

Drop-in shelter spaces in TO

Frontline organizations and groups to support Indigenous peoples (ICA)

Follow @covid19mutualaid on Instagram

Thread by Emma Jackson with list of resources

Autonomous groups are mobilizing mutual aid initiatives to combat the coronavirus (It’s Going Down)

Collective care is our best weapon against COVID-19 (US resource with links)

The best response to disaster: go on the offensive (mutual aid analysis)

Organizing & Activism

SURJ-TO’s “Collective Care during COVID-19: Advocacy, Mutual Aid, & Resource Distribution”

Migrant Rights Network: Coronavirus response must leave no one behind

        Migrant worker groups slam new Canadian border restrictions

Climate Justice Actions & Mobilizations: Plan Now to Adapt to Possible Coronavirus Restrictions

Demands from grassroots organizers concerning COVID-19

Resources for Online Meetings, Classes, and Events

Preparing for Coronavirus crisis: As organizers, it’s time to do what we do best

Decent Work & Health Network statement on Coronavirus (March 12, 2020)

Joint statement by Ontario Health Unions (March 11, 2020)

Health Emergency Labour Protections Demands (Workers’ Action Centre)

        $15 and Fairness HELP (Health Emergency Labour Protections) petition

Contain COVID-19, not people (release incarcerated people) - Sign Open Letter

Ontario Parent Action Network COVID-19 statement & Demands

TTCriders COVID-19 demands

CCPA Alternative Federal Budget 2020: Short, Medium, and Long-term COVID-19 policies

        Bold action in an extraordinary time

CFS statement & demands

        For UofT undergraduate international & domestic students: Emergency Fund

Current campaigns around tenants rights under COVID-19

COVID-19 statement by Toronto Airport Workers Council, ATU, and Hospitality Workers Training Centre

Petition to support Amazon Warehouse workers in GTA

        As online orders surge, what about the Amazon workers?

Bad Boss Report Form and Website

Your rights during COVID-19 (OHRC)

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Capitalism in Crisis (The Red Nation)  -- includes demands

Demands & letter from Street Nurses Network on Homelessness

COVID-19: Socialist Response

COVID-19 crisis shows us that childcare is always an essential service

Maggie’s (Sex workers) Covid-19 support

We can’t police our way out of a pandemic (Webinar discussion resource doc)

Resource Movement rapid response

Tenant organizing manual (DSA)

Surviving the virus: an anarchist guide

Critical Political Analysis

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Capitalism in Crisis (The Red Nation)

Decolonizing community care in response to COVID-19

Coronavirus: Rights not repression

Social Contagion: Microbial Class War in China

On the Coronavirus and Ethnonationalism

Against Quarantine

When a disease is racialized (Briarpatch)

Facebook Post by Edward Hon-Sing Wong

Coronavirus: vaccinate against racism

Mike Davis on Capitalism and Coronavirus

The public lab that could have helped fight COVID-19 epidemic (The Toronto Star)

Super-rich jet off to disaster bunkers amid coronavirus outbreak

The kind of people who jet off to plague bunker vacation homes are also the kind of people who use their wealth to undermine things like #M4A, workers' rights, free education, rent control, etc. Crises happen, but their impact is anything but natural. #CoronavirusPandemic [tweet]

Coronavirus and the Isolation Paradox

Cuba’s contribution to combating COVID-19

Min Sook Lee’s FB post on Coronavirus

Basic Income is not the answer to this crisis (Spring)

Lessons from AIDS Activism for COVID-19

The bio-economic pandemic and the western working class (Socialist Project)

Herd immunity is epidemiological neoliberalism

The real hoarders (Spring Mag)

COVID-19 list of resources/critical articles

Humans are not the virus; don’t be an ecofascist

What’s wrong with the “Chinese” virus?

We can build a better world after COVID-19 (Sarah Jaffe)

Canada should nationalize oil companies, not bail them out (James Wilt)

Public Health

Coronavirus in Canada: how to get tested, what the symptoms are, where to get help

Toronto-specific generalized update for patients (flow-chart)

COVID-19 self-assessment (Alberta)

Why I think about COVID-19 this morning

Risk-informed decision-making for mass gatherings during COVID-19 (PHAC)

‘Solidarity forever’ song for hand-washing

List of things you can do if you do test positive for COVID-19

Comic (for kids and adults!) that accessibly explains COVID-19 and how to prevent spread

Coronavirus update and thorough guidance (Flatten the curve)

Coronavirus: Why you must act now

What to do if you get COVID-19 (FB post by a nurse)

The Korean Clusters (Patient 31)

What does the COVID-19 endgame look like? (Maclean’s)

Hold the line (article by epidemiologist)

You should perceive your entire family to function as a single individual unit; if one person puts themselves at risk, everyone in the unit is at risk.”

#HowsMyFlattening: Choosing Ontario’s COVID-19 Curve

On COVID-19 and Workers

Coronavirus will be the hardest for gig and service workers in the US (Teen Vogue)

Canada’s $1B Coronavirus plan abandons gig workers (Vice)

The first U.S. layoffs from the coronavirus are here (Washington Post)

Better protections needed for healthcare workers during COVID-19 (City News)

Cities are starting to ban evictions to help workers affected by the coronavirus response

Coronavirus: paid sick days now

EI sick-leave benefits - eligibility and logistics

The undervalued heroes of the coronavirus need our thanks and our support

Amazon worker’s letter to Jeff Bezos

Towards a general strike to end COVID-19 and create a new world

Scientific Articles

Taking the right measures to control COVID-19 (The Lancet)

On COVID-19 incubation period (estimated 5.1 days) (Annals of Internal Medicine)

Temperature may affect transmission of COVID-19 (MedRxiv)

Coronavirus data pack, by Information is Beautiful

Coronavirus: 18 months of social distancing

Critical review of the Imperial study


COVID-19 Lessons from Italy: A Primer for Workplace Rights, Health and Safety

Italian Coronavirus timeline (FB Post)

Other Collections of Resources

Resource list

Tweet Threads

Excellent Mia Mingus thread

See the #HighRiskCOVID19 hashtag: this is who you’re helping with physical distancing

How to stay safe/hygienic in the face of COVID-19 (detailed)

Getting sick with COVID-19 is not a moral failing

On demonizing of China & Iran in US/Western media, and history in disease discourse

On China’s response to COVID-19 (moving mountains) vs. the US

Harvard/Uni students sent home (international and homeless students vulnerable)

Detailed thread on China’s incredibly coordinated/innovative response to COVID-19

Key reply by @mqmq_mmqq on discourse of “authoritarianism” of China

Another on failures of capitalist individualism in West

On how both the unnuanced critique and glorification of the Chinese government’s response to COVID-19 are orientalist [response to @mqmq_mmqq tweet above]

Chinese family members’ convo with OP re: US’ individualism and capitalist culture

Why the West’s coverage of China re: COVID-19 and other diseases like Ebola facilitates imperialist advance

Difficulty of “social distancing” when you’re homeless, have substance abuse issues, etc.

On how migrant caregivers in Canada are likely to be impacted by COVID-19

On Eco-fascism re: lower pollution

Cancel global south debts

Service Canada

Has set up a dedicated phone line for inquires regarding EI claims related to the COVID-19 pandemic: 1-833-381-2725.

Please call above  number if:

1. You need to apply for EI sickness benefits because you are unable to work because you must self-isolate for 14 days ( the one-week wait period has been waved for those for whom this is the case);

2. You have been laid off because of the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking to initiate a claim for regular EI benefits, or

3. You are an employee or and employer who is looking to apply for financial support through the EI Work-Sharing program due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applying for Canadaian CERB benefit:

[a]Document be re-organized for easier reading soon!

[b]Want to consolidate? Team up with us on the spreadsheet and put everything in one place? (We can reorganize the spreadsheet, and I can make it so that all of the info goes into the app.)

[c]No pressure, just putting out the offer if it helps <3