Where does the water go?

Class discussion:

A hypothesis is what you think is going to happen, what you think the results will be.

What do we now know?

It goes through the veins!

Water is their food, it helps them to grow.

If you water a plant the water goes up the plant and goes into the veins and helps it grow.

Why does one of the celery sticks not have blue on it?

Because it is upside down. But the water only goes up through the stem, from the bottom to the top.

What happened to the upside down one?

The leaves have gone limp and floppy.

Why should we put water at the bottom of plants?

Because it needs to go to the bottom of the roots. The roots suck up the water and travels up through the bottom. The water needs to be inside the plant, we can’t just sprinkle it on the outside of the plant

Why does one of the celery sticks have blue in it?

We used blue dye so we could SEE where the food source/nutrient goes in a plant. We can see that it gets sucked up from the bottom of the stem, goes through the veins and then goes out to all areas of the plants to give it strength and grow!

Things we still want to know:

What happens if we put the roots straight into the dye instead of cutting it off at the root?