Participants Responsibilities

  1. All participants and coaches should wear suitable clothing; no belts, buckles, metal badges or other items that could cause injury. No jewellery.

  1. It is the policy of Springfit that all participants arrive suitably attired for the activity.

  1. When waiting their turn on the trampoline, all children should stand around the trampolines and help with ‘spotting’.  No running around is to be permitted. Children must not sit on end decks or frame pads and must never go underneath a trampoline when it is in use or jump from one trampoline to another.

  1.  No eating or drinking around the trampolines or on the gym floor. Only plastic bottles with screw caps may be brought into the hall. No cans, bottles or food.

  1. Children should not leave the hall while their class is running except to go to the toilet. Only one child at a time may leave the hall for this purpose. In centres which are open to the public, children less than 8 years old must be accompanied to the toilet by an adult.

  1. No front drops, back drops or other rotational moves to be performed during a participant’s first warm-up turn on the trampoline – even if they are an experienced trampolinist.

  1. All participants must respect rules.

  1. All participants must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all other participants.

  1. All participants must refrain from consuming alcohol or recreational drugs or smoking whilst on the premises or representing the organisation.