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Level Up! Gaming & Learning in the Classroom


  1. What games have you used or seen used in the classroom?

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  1. What is the difference between the following:

  1. Game-Based Learning
  2. Game Creation
  3. Gamification

Check out this YouTube Playlist on these topics

  1. Game-Based Learning                

  1. Games being used in schools
  1. Institute of Play Games
  2. FreeRice
  3. Starfall
  4. IXL
  1. Sites that curate games and tools
  1. Educade
  2. Purpose Games
  3. Graphite
  1. Security concerns for game sites

  1. Game Creation

  1. Websites that provide game creation tools
  1. Purpose Games Creation Tools
  2. GameKit
  3. Gamestar Mechanic
  4. Sploder
  5. App Pixel Press Floors
  6. App Prototype on Paper
  1. Websites/ apps that promote and teach coding
  1. Bootstrap
  2. Code.org
  3. Tynker
  1. Websites that provide lessons and tools for game creation
  1. How do I grade this? Rubric or XP (experience points)
  2. Scholastic Level Up
  3. MIT Open Course- Game Design
  4. Sample Game Design Challenge
  1. Security concerns for game creation

  1. Gamification

  1. Game mechanics
  1. Ways to Gamify
  2. Gamification Series
  1. Tools to use for gamification of a lesson or class
  1. Narrative (Edutopia article)
  2. Avatar makers for iPad 
  3. Cool activities with Minecraft
  4. We need some “stinkin” Badges
  1. Examples
  1. Gamified unit on the Odyssey
  2. Gamify your summer reading with Zombies
  1. Security concerns for gamification