Woodthorpe York Community Group (WYCG)

Committee Meeting Minutes


11th November 2016




The Dick Turpin Inn, Moorcroft Road, Woodthorpe, York


All residents of Woodthorpe


Kevin Baker, daniel Furby, Andrew Cuthbert, Sarah thompson, Joanne Blewett, Claire Bedford,


Carol Cuthbert, Sarah King

  1. Agree minutes of last meeting

        Minutes approved - non changes required

  1. Outstanding emails or facebook messages

  1. No outstanding actions required, all comments and emails have been replied to.
  1. Music Quiz

  1. Dan Furby hoping to arrange in Jan/ Feb
  1. Aviva Funding Notice Board

  1. The funding application is live, for a community notice board. Please all vote online.
  1. Woodthorpe play area

  1. Funding application to Yorventure to complete for a disabled roundabout to enhance what is already proposed by the council.
  1. Treasurer Role

  1. Joanne Blewett, current treasurer will be leaving the area to move to Skipton in the New Year. Sarah Brown will take over the role temporarily until the February AGM.
  1. Community Group Meeting on Thursday 3rd Nov

  1. Chill cafe are having a community group meeting on the 3rd Nov. Sarah Brown and Carole Henman will attend.
  1. Christmas Event

  1. The planning of the Christmas event is underway and all details are recorded for the committee to view on the event manual document on google drive.
  1. AOB

  1. No comments
  1. Next Meeting

  1. Decembers committee meeting will be held on the 6th December, 7.30pm in the Dick Turpin Lounge.

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