White Wines 175ml 250ml Bottle

Dry, delicate white wines

01. Maison des Pourthie Terret £4.00 £5.30 £15.50

Lively refreshing clean dry white wine with an elegant

fruity nose. Consistently good.

France - 12.5%abv

1/2 Btl

02. Sancerre Domain Daulny Sauvignon Blanc £16.50 £29.50

This Sancerre is dry and fresh with the aroma of

gooseberries, good acidity and a slight flinty edge


1/2 Btl

03. Chablis Manants Brocard Chardonnay £15.50 £28.50

Chablis showing the steely character of Northern Burgundy’s

distinctive style. This wine sees no oak, the purity of the fruit

is left to express its true, fresh and invigorating character.


04. Paparuda Pinot Grigio £4.25 £5.65 £16.50

Lovely, opulent aromas of grapefruit and peach follow

through to a lithe body, with loads of fruit as well as

abundant melon and apple character and citrusy acidity.

Romanian - 12.0%abv

05. Alba Vega Albarino £22.95

With intense aromas of stone fruit and white flowers,

this classic Galician white is silky-smooth with great

palate weight. Elegant and balanced, it is perfect with

fish and seafood dishes.


Juicy, fruit filled & ripe white wines

06. Simon Hackett Chardonnay £24.50

The bouquet is rich with aromas of tropical fruit notes.

The subtle oak treatment of the Chardonnay enhances

the flavour which is full bodied with a pleasant dry finish.


07. Pato Torrente Chardonnay £4.25 £5.65 £16.50

There is a mouth-watering combination of ripe, lemony citrus

fruit and balancing acidity in this typically well made white.

Chile - 12.5%abv

08. Osprey’s Landing Sauvignon Blanc £4.75 £6.35 £18.50

A luscious Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with hints of

passion fruit and a distinctive herbaceous aroma. The palate

is filled with tropical fruit flavours and a zingy acidity.

New Zealand - 12.0%abv

09. Lake Chalice Sauvignon Blanc £25.50

A crisp, medium bodied, dry wine bursting with classical

varietal flavours of passion-fruit and gooseberry.

A beautiful example of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

New Zealand

White Wines 175ml 250ml Bottle

Aromatic & rich white wines

10. Domaine du Bosc Viognier £18.50

As good as only a true French Viognier can be: full-bodied,

fragrant and rich with a flash of apricot, orange blossom

and peach on the nose and a good weighty finish.


11. Moselland Kabinett Riesling £16.50

Delicate, floral, well-made Kabinett with peach, apple

and pear fruit flavours and well balanced, refreshing acidity.


12. Bon Courage Gewurztraminer £19.50

Rich fruit flavours, lychees, limes and spices blend to give

a lovely complex wine for those looking for something

refreshing but not dry.

South Africa

Rosé Wines 175ml 250ml Bottle

Rose wine selection

13. Tracker Jack Zinfandel Blush £4.25 £5.65 £16.50

A soft, fruity wine bursting with succulent strawberry

and rich cream flavours – serve well chilled and enjoy

by itself or with food.

USA - 10.5%abv

14. Santa Digna Rosé Cab Sauvignon £19.50

Rich cherry in colour, perfumed notes of strawberry and

plum dominate on the nose, with hints of grapefruit.

The palate is full-bodied and shows fine acidity, with

a smooth, elegant finish. Fair Trade.


13. Flavorelli Pinot Grigio £4.25 £5.65 £16.50

A crisp, refreshing style of rosé wine. Light and soft

on the palate, easy drinking and bursting with

summer berry flavours.

Italy - 12.0%abv

Red Wines 175ml 250ml Bottle

Lighter bodied red wines

1/2 Btl

16. Beaujolais-Villages Albert Bichot Gamay £11.75 £20.95

Light and fragrant, beautifully packed with vibrant

juicy fruit flavours.


17. Chianti Classico Lucas Botter Sangiovese £24.50

Scents of aromatic herbs, blackberries and oak, depth and

concentration on the palate with a long elegant finish.


18. Paparuda Pinot Noir £4.25 £5.65 £16.50

This extremely drinkable, light-bodied Pinot has bags of

red berry fruits on the palate and a hint of oak on the finish.

Romania - 12.5%abv

Medium bodied & juicy red wines

19. La Lejania Cab Sauvignon £16.50

Soft and round with smokey blackcurrants.

Chile - 13.0%abv

20. La Lejania Merlot £4.25 £5.65 £16.50

A medium bodied inky purple wine with hints of

cherries coffee and caramel.

Chile - 13.0%abv

21. Chateau Jean Voisin Grand Cru Merlot, Cab Franc £31.50

Made using a blend of traditional and modern wine

techniques, this elegant wine offers intense aromas of

blackberry and roasted plums with a long oak finish.


22. Rioja Arjona Tempranillo £4.75 £635 £18.50

A stylish Rioja, young and fruity, great with our

Cumbrian lamb dishes.

Spain - 13.5%abv

Spicy, peppery, fuller bodied red wines

23. Oltre Passo Primitivo £4.75 £635 £18.50

Velvety-smooth and wonderfully dense, this rich Italian classic

has a nose of roasted plum, spice and figs.


24. Gouguenheim Malbec £21.50

Bright dark red colour. Rich and strong aromas of plums,

black cherry and liquorice.Juicy, fruit-driven wine.


25. Sunnycliff Shiraz £19.50

Deep purple in colour, you would be hard pressed to find

a more Australian wine! Full-bodied and fruit-driven.

Red Wines 175ml 250ml Bottle

Spicy, peppery, fuller bodied red wines (continued)

26. Simon Hackett Shiraz £26.50

This is a classic red wine which displays spicy, peppery

aromas coupled with a luscious sweet berry palate.

Matured in American oak, it gives a firm tannin finish.


27. Cousiño-Macul Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon £24.50

Blackcurrants and berries, spice, oak and a smooth finish.


28. Chateau St Gemme Haut Medoc Cab Sauv, Merlot, Cab Franc £29.50

Expressive and fresh, this wine features fruity, compote aromas

and a silky smooth feel on the palate from the well-rounded tannins.


29. Bon Courage Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz £22.50

Deep pink-hued red, creamy rich nutty aromas with loads of fruit

on the palate, soft tannins and clean oak make this a big round wine.

South Africa

30. Rioja Vega Reserva Tempranillo & Graciano £28.00

Beautiful soft wine with a lovely bouquet and dry

jammy flavours softened by age.


Quality classics

31. Chateau Pauillac Batailley Grand Cru Classé - 2007 £58.95

Cab Sauv, Merlot, Cab Franc

Seriously good wine, full and rich with ripe fruit, cassis, tobacco

and vanilla flavours.


32. Chateau Mongravey Margaux Cabernet Sauv, Merlot - 2009 £41.95

This wine is an excellent example of wine produced in Margaux.

It is soft, supple and fruity with lovely tannins fading gently to

give a slightly oaky lingering finish.


33. Chateau Vieux Fortin Saint Emilion Grand Cru - 1999 £52.00

Merlot, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv

This wine has a big black fruit nose. Huge concentrated flavours,

great length and perfect balance. A deep and complex wine.

34. Beaune 1er Cru Albert Bichot Pinot Noir - 2009/11 £41.50

This well-balanced wine is fleshy and round with a good tannic

backbone. It has delicate flavours of sweet spices and red fruit.

35. Chateauneuf-du Pape Vieux Telegramme - 2011 £39.50

Syrah Grenache Mouvedre

A very elegant wine from the Rhone, big and fruity yet

soft and well balanced.


Sparkling & Champagne 1/2 Btl Bottle


36. Veneto Botter Prosecco £23.50

An attractive citrus nose, leading onto a crisp, fruity palate

with hints of pear and apple. An excellent aperitif.


36a. Tiamo Prosecco 200ml single serve £5.95

Clean and fruity on the nose, this lively, fully sparkling wine is

full of citrus and stone fruit on the palate, making it perfect for

an apéritif or any occasion.


37. Veneto Botter Raboso £23.50

Pink Prosecco! A glass full of fine strawberry

flavours with excellent length.



38. J.P. Marniquet Carte D’Or £22.00 £35.50

A classic, elegant Champagne; delicate, dry with a crisp flavour

and a fresh lemony aroma, hand-made by artisan Champagne

grower Jean Pierre Marniquet in the ancient village of

Venteuil, near Epernay.


39. Piper Heidsieck £45.00

Shows notes of hawthorn blossom, summer apple and pear;

a regular gold medal winning ‘cuvée’, made with mainly

Pinot noir and also Pinot Meunier – stylish and full-bodied.


40. Lanson Gold Gold Label - 2002 £75.00

Made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes

hand-picked from Grand Cru vineyards, this elegant

Champagne has glorious aromas of spiced pineapple,

peach and baked apple. It tastes fuller and richer than a

non vintage with a lovely honeyed aftertaste.


41. Laurent Perrier Brut Millesime - 1996/7 £95.00

This vintage Champagne is beautifully balanced and

integrated with elegant fruit flavours. Perfect for that

very special occasion.


Dessert Wine 50ml 100ml Bottle

Selection of Wines and Ports suited to dessert

42. Principe de Viana Chardonnay £2.50 £4.25 £19.50

A golden-yellow sweet wine with complex notes of

figs, peaches and papayas.

Spain (50cl) - 13.0%abv

43. Sauternes Petit Guiraud Semillon Sauvignon £2.50 £4.25 £14.50

Perfectly balanced, resulting in an extremely refined

sweetness, is given extra freshness by a high proportion

of Sauvignon Blanc. A beautiful dessert wine.

France (37.5cl) - 13.5%abv

44. Miguel Torres Late Harvest Riesling £18.50

An old gold colour with elegant varied flavours.

Chile (37.5cl)

45. Rutherglen Muscat £17.50

A luscious fortified wine enjoy with rich chocolaty

puddings or cheese.

Australia (37.5cl)

46. Cockburns Port - Portugal £25.00

47. Grahams/Taylors Late Bottled Vintage Port - Portugal £29.50

48. Warres Vintage Port 1985 (last few bottles!) £75.00

Port Brandy & Liqueurs

If you can’t see your tipple please ask as we may have it anyway!

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