我原先的公開信是。下面收到阮耀樟會長的回覆 (副本給黃麗淑副會長)。阮會長一共列了12點,其中兩點 (#1 & #12) 與其他車友有關。因為我不是他們,我無法對這兩點反應。


藉此我也公開說明,我並沒有向ACP副總裁 Mr. Faburel提議過我要申請成為ACP代表。我只有針對我前面公開信的疑問,來詢問Mr. Faburel。

RT = Randonneurs Taiwan

YL = Yiping Lin


Dear Mr. Ruan:

This is Ms. Lin, not Mr. Lin, but it is quite usual to mistake me as a Mister.

On March 6, before receiving your reply, I already forwarded our communication to Mr. Faburel. In this email, I also c.c. to Mr. Faburel, because I would like to have our conversation to be transparent.

To Mr. Faburel, most of these messages are also translated in Chinese to show our riders.

First, I appreciate your detailed reply very much. This kind of communication is needed to avoid further confusion, misunderstanding. However, your responses (#2 & #3) to the two misconducts I mentioned in my first email are not satisfactory. I will explain below your text in brown.

Best regards,



Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 7:49 PM

Dear Mr. Lin, [阮會長誤會我是男性]

Sorry for my late reply as I was just back from my US trip.  

Firstly, Mrs Cheng and I do appreciate your message so that we can have a better club.   I will try my best to answer all your questions as below:

1. Regarding Mr. Su-Liang Lin (林世良)

What you heard from Mr. Shang Lun Chiang (江尚倫) and your understanding about the fact is not correct.   The fact is Mr. Gin-Lun Chiang (江進隆) on behalf of  Mr. Su-Liang Lin (林世良) called Mrs. Cheng before the lunch on Feb 26.   He asked her to make an announcement that Mr. Lin would like to  suspend the operations of his club due to  personal affairs and business. Later in the evening of Feb 26,   a meeting was held by Mrs. Cheng,  Mr. Su-Liang Lin (林世良) and Mr. Gin-Lun Chiang (江進隆) to confirm the further handling of such matter.  Therefore, the decision was made by Mr. Lin himself to request  our club's acceptance.  I as ACP representative and President of Randonneurs Taiwan, authorize Mrs. Cheng to accept this request.

YL:  ( in my reply on Mar 07, 2012 at 9:54pm)
I was not present at the lunch on Feb 26, nor in the meeting between Mrs. Cheng, Mr. Su-Liang Lin and Mr. Gin-Lin Chiang. I will leave this matter to Mr. Su-Liang Lin and Mr. Gin-Lin Chiang to explain for themselves. However, I do believe that it was not Mr. Su-Liang Lin's request to suspend the operations of his club, since Mr. Su-Liang Lin preseved the messages Mrs. Cheng sent, which informs him that he has been suspended.

2.   Regarding brevet card

For the first event we had in 2007 to qualify for ACP representative, the brevet cards were sent back to Japan for homologation. Then there has been a misunderstanding by riders that all the cards are sent back to France foe homologation.  I hereby confirm here the brevet cards will not be sent back to France for homologation.

2. 關於黃卡


YL: Thanks for your confirmation. However, I’m afraid that this is not simply a misunderstanding. In RT’s website, some announcements did mention that the completed brevet cards will be sent back to France for homologation. For example.

YL: 謝謝您的確認。然而,我認為這不是單純的誤解。在RT官網上,仍有公告說完成黃卡要寄回法國認證。例如,

3. Regarding fee paid to ACP

It is a misunderstanding that the dollar amount is just annual fee.  In fact same as Mr. Faburel's thinking,  it includes annual fee, medals, brevet cards and homolgations.  I think the reason for misunderstanding is caused by so called 'donation by Jack's company'.   What Mrs. Cheng mentioned about was the cost to ride PBP in 2007 by Mr. Cheng and me was sponsored by the company I am working for.

3. 關於付給ACP的費用

所付金額是年費這也是誤解。事實上,如Mr. Faburel的想法,這金額年費,獎章,黃卡及認證費用。我認為,之所以有這誤解是來自於”Jack的公司的贊助” [Jack是阮先生的英文名字]。鄭太太 [黃麗淑女士] 所提到的應該是我所工作的公司贊助鄭先生跟我去參加2007 PBP的費用。

YL: When Mrs. Cheng mentioned about €8000 euro (or NT$300,000 or $10,000) as annual fee to ACP, I was not in presence. This news was told by the riders in presence to me. I think they know what Mrs. Cheng meant whether it is just the annual fee or the whole-year invoice of all these things. Here I cannot comment. However, I think it’s important to clarify this matter to our riders, that ACP does not charge ACP representative an excessive annual fee and that reasonable member fee is in fact collected by RM.

當鄭太太提到這8千歐元 (或30萬台幣,或1萬美元) 的年費,我並不在場。這件事是從在場聽到的車友們轉述。我想,他們知道鄭太太指得是什麼,是單純的年費還是整年的支出費用。這裡我不做評論。然而,我認為應該要跟車友們說清楚,ACP並沒有收ACP代表鉅額的年費,且這合理會費是交給RM。

4. Regarding change of calendar

The change of calendar mostly is due to uncontrollable factors, such as typhoon or recently example, pass away of Mr. Cheng.  We always do our best to keep the calendar.  However, the event set at the beginning of the year, most likely will be affected by various factors.  It's not unusual in other countries that colander changes. As long as riders have access to such change, I believe there will be no problem.  As matter of fact, foreign riders who wish to ride brevets in Taiwan always contact me first and we will do our best to assist them.  For your information, up to now there are riders from Germany, Japan, USA, UK, China and Hong Kong have joined us.  I don't think change of calendar will be an issue for riders' benefit.

4. 關於行事曆的變動


YL: I agree with you that there are some uncontrollable factors to cause the change of events. But this is not exactly what I meant in my previous email. What I pointed out is that, the announced 2012 calendar in RT’s website in Dec. 2011 (I cached the file here) is already different from the international calendar listed in ACP’s worldwide brevet calendar. I only wish they are the same when they are first announced. If there’s some uncontrollable factor later, then of course it’s inevitable to change the calendar.

YL: 我同意你說的,有些不可控因素導致活動的變更。但這並不完全是我前封訊息的意思。我所指出的是,RT在2011年12月公告的2012行事曆已經跟在ACP網站上所公告的不同。我只希望兩者在一開始公告時應該要一樣。後來如果有不可控因素,那當然不可避免行事曆有所變動。

5. Regarding so called "misconduct admitted by the club" and request me to  put the club on track

I think this is just a humble expression that Randonneurs Taiwan would like to  improve ourselves for a better service to riders.  Nothing relates to misconduct.  I think we are already on track.  Of course there is always opportunity for improvement.  I would also like to draw your attention, during last 3 years, we have following riders of homologation, I think you can check the ranking among all the ACP member countries and will know the club is doing a good job.  Also there are many good comments in  various website showing appreciation from riders.

1200K - 33 riders

600K - 106 riders

400K - 108 riders

300K - 252 riders

200K- 1277 riders

5. 關於所謂"俱樂部承認有行政作業不當"而要求我將俱樂部導入正途


YL: The admitted misconduct announced by RT is attached as "Apology.pdf". If RT does not think there are any things related to misconduct, then why did Mrs. Cheng make such an announcement?

As for RT's achievement, I'm pretty awared of this since RUSA always shares such information in RUSA web site and their facebook page. Besides RT's organization, such a big achivement also comes from Taiwanese riders'  enthusiasim toward cycling.

YL: 我省去後面不做翻譯。RT的騎乘排行我非常清楚,因為RUSA網站上也有列。至於有沒有行政作業不當,我留給車友自己去思考判斷。這裡我不做回覆。

6. Regarding so called "lie"

As explained above, you may want to treat it as a misunderstanding, instead of lie.

6. 關於所謂的”謊言”


YL: No comment. If this is really a misunderstand, it’s better we can clarify the facts face to face.

(This part in my reply on Mar 07, 2012 at 9:54pm is as follows:

As mentioned earlier, there is no misunderstanding in the brevet card (#2), as shown in the attachment.

Regarding #3, I leave this to other riders' judement. I only wish that Mr. Ruan can clarify it so that there is no more misunderstanding.)

YL: 不予評論。如果這真的是誤解,那最好是我們可以面對面釐清事實。

7. Regarding listing of local organizers

Thanks for your good reminder and we will do this soon.

7. 關於列出區部活動負責人


YL: I appreciate that you accept this suggestion. I will look forward to it.

YL: 我謝謝您接受這個建議。我會期待能看到這個改進。

8. Regarding fee level

In most countries, DNF and DNS also need to pay fee.  You are correct that our fee level is at a high range comparing to other countries.  However, the service we provide especially insurance plays an important role in either randonneuring promoting and organizing.  You may recall several accidents in the past were covered by our insurance. We did receive a rider's high fee inquiry  which was referred by ACP.  After our immediate explanation,  ACP realized we don't violate the regulation and  accepted our way of organizing brevets.  They understand  this is the local practice in Taiwan's bike event that organizer must provide certain service and safety protection.  Also regarding local made brevet cards, we did try before.  But at the same cost level, local made is not as good as from France.  Also most of riders appreciate a card from France directly.  As to布條, it may be a way to reduce the cost, we will consider this alternative.

8. 關於費用高低

在大多數國家,DNF與DNS也需要付費。對於我們的費用跟其他國家相比是偏高,這件事你是對的。然而,我們所提供的服務,尤其是保險費,在提倡及辦Randonneuring活動都扮演了很重要的角色。你也許可以回想過去幾個意外事故都有被我們的保險獲得補償。我們確實有收到由ACP轉寄一位車友對高額費用的報怨。經過我們立即的說明,ACP了解我們並沒有違反規定且接受我們的辦理活動的方式。他們了解,這是台灣當地自行車活動的做法,其主辦者需要提供某種的服務及安全。[意謂著,因此費用偏高] 還有關於地區自製brevet card,我們有試過。但以同樣的價位,當地做得沒有比法國來的好。還有大多數的車友比較想要來自法國的黃卡。至於布條 [自願購買],這也許是個降低成本的方式,我們會考慮這個選擇。

YL: (這裡我先只對車友作說明,暫不寫我對阮會長的回覆。)

1. DNF & DNS是需要付費 (報名費用),但不需要將DNF & DNS的名單寄給ACP去認證。請問要認什麼證?DNF會有收到ACP的"殘念貼紙"嗎?DNS會收到”下次再見”的貼紙嗎?如果不需要,我們就不用付這個認證費用。

可是RT還是收這些人的認證費用NT$300/人,這是因為有用到黃卡 (但請問,RT有沒有將這些人的資料送給ACP?)。如果區部黃卡自製,這認證費用就不需要付。而這也是我為何鼓勵自製黃卡。事實上,美國,英國都是用自製黃卡。

2. 至於保險的部分,我本身只參與台灣四場活動,我並不清楚是否有意外而受RT的保險理賠。這點就由車友們自己去判斷。其實最初的活動,我被告知協會並沒有幫我們辦理保險。但近來的活動詳請則是說有。


3. 車友比較想要來自法國的黃卡,這是沒錯。而是不是這樣,才會有這法國來的黃卡還要回法國去認證的"說法" (這裡阮會長認為是誤解)?

舶來品大家都喜歡,土產就不吸引人。可是我們也要有表達出台灣的特色。我在美國參加brevet騎乘,我有當地的brevet cards (還不同地區俱樂部的),這些是很好的紀念。國外車友來台參加活動,拿回去紀念的卻是法國的黃卡。

請各位想想。你不愛護Made in Taiwan (MIT),如何要外國人接受MIT?

YL: ( in my reply on Mar 07, 2012 at 9:54pm)

Regarding the holomogation money (NT$300) collected by RT:

Of course, DNF & DNS riders need to pay the enter fee for the event. Especially they all use the brevet cards (including holomogation fee). What I meant is that if we make the brevet cards ourselves, we do not need to send out the list of DNF and DNS riders to ACP for holomogation. What for? To get stickers saying DNS or DNF? In fact, as I know, US and UK all make their brevet cards themselves, and it's only natural to have brevet cards written with their organization name in their own language.

Regarding the insurance provided by RT:

Since I only participated four brevet events in Taiwan in 2010, I am not sure that there were several accidents covered by the insurance provided by RT, but I did remember some serious accidents. I will leave this part to our riders to judge. However, I recall that I was told that RT did not provide insurance for us in the events I participated. Currenly, the event information does mention the insurance coverage.

Of course, it will be better that RT, or local brevet organiers, can tell our riders what insurance coverage you provide in the brevet events.


Regarding Taiwanese riders in favor of brevet cards from France:

This comment is true. Is this why we were told that the brevet cards will be sent to France for holomogation and sent back to Taiwan? Though you think this is a misunderstanding.

Still, I will prefer a local brevet card. It is part of the journey and is a souvenir. I wish foreigner riders coming to Taiwan can receive the brevet card from Taiwan's organization, not the ones saying ACP.

9. Regarding entry fee level of locally organized event

I think the uniform fee is a good idea for now.  I will need your input why a different fee level is better than uniform one.

9. 關於地區活動的報名費用


YL: 報名費用的高低要看活動的內容來決定。RUSA並沒有統一地區的報名費用,而是讓地區自定。有些區部如果活動花費少,報名費用就很低 (200k for $15, $10 or 甚至免費)。如果活動包含的服務多些,報名費用自然要高。我只是希望給予區部些自主性,包括活動的安排。


YL: ( in my reply on Mar 07, 2012 at 9:54pm)

The level of entry fee should depend on the content of a brevet event, i.e. the service provided by the organizer. For example, RUSA does not set the standard of entry fee for its RBAs, but let them decide. Some local brevet events have less spending, then the entry fee can be lower (200k for $15, $10 or even free). If the event provides many services to the riders, the entry fee of course should be higher. I just hope RT can give the local organizers freedsom in event organization.

Another example is that ACP does not set the stanard fees of brevet events and medals for ACP representatives in different countries. Isn't that for the same reason?

10. Regarding of organization of the club and setting up committee

Chinese name : ACP 法國人力騎乘協會 台灣總會"

English name : Randonneurs Taiwan

Official: Myself and Mrs. Cheng

Every country has different way of the organization.  I believe current operations can fit our needs now.  Trust me the decision is not made by one person.  Mrs. Cheng mostly will ask for riders' input and I will ask for other countries' assistance so that we can make a decision to fit our local needs. But as usual, there is always room for improvement.  The next step will be inviting presidents of 3 local organizers to discuss the important aspects of our club.

10. 關於俱樂部的運作及設立理事會

中文名稱:ACP 法國人力騎乘協會 台灣總會

英文名稱:Randonneurs Taiwan

幹部:阮會長及黃副會長 (鄭太太)



1. 對於名稱我沒有異議,只想正名。請RT移除官網上的”Audax Club Taiwan”,以免有誤解。

2. 除了跟區部負責人相談外,我仍是希望有理事會的成立。


一個協會的正常運作,一定要有組織架構。這裡是ACP的組織架構上面清清楚楚列出:Officials 幹部,Board 理事會,Committee 委員會。


YL: ( in my reply on Mar 07, 2012 at 9:54pm)

I just want to know the names of Taiwan organization. Thank you for the clarification. It would be better to remove "Audax Club Taiwan" from RT's web site to avoid confusion.

Regarding the structure of organization:

Besides discussing with loca organizers, I still hope that RT can have a board and/or committee. A sound organization must have a structure of members. Just like ACP, in their web site they clearly list what they are (structure) and what they do.

Cuurently RT has only two officials. Of course, RT also has many volunteers to help, but that also indicates the need of staff members. Furthermore, RT currently is not a registered club in Taiwan, so there is no official unit to oversee RT's operation and the process of decision making has not made public and transparent. I'm sorry to say this, but even a clun in schools is more structured than this. I think this is also not good for RT itself.

11. Regarding bad comment against the club

Different people will have different opinions.  We are trying our best to make the club better.  There are always different opinions which we are always appreciate and welcome.  However, we also find many remarks from different website to appreciate what we do up to now.  I think the number of homologation mentioned above can a supporting to these positive comments towards the club.


12. Regarding 江尚倫 (aka 黑心)

I appreciate your recommendation to talk to him.  I did have conversation with him when we registered for PBP.  I think he still owe all the PBP participants an explanation about fee he collected on behalf of the riders.

YL: ( in my reply on Mar 07, 2012 at 9:54pm)

Since I don't know the things between Mr. Shang-Lun Chiang (江尚倫) and you. I will leave this matter to Mr. Chiang to explain. If you think Mr. Chiang's doing is wrong, please make it clear to our riders with the fact. Or, I would not know who is right or who is wrong.