D. Biard MacGuineas

DOJ employees in Tucson stole my property. In 2007, they took some of my property. Now I want my property back,[1] but the DOJ is refusing to return it. More detail is here. Here are:

They have no legal authority to keep my property. This is not a case where seized property was forfeited under the law. This court record shows I am entitled to my property.

On 2014-Jan-21, I submitted this motion to the U.S. District Court. On 2014-Jan-27, the clerk's office informed me by telephone that the court intends to keep the motion off the record and not respond to it. I had mailed a copy of the motion directly to judge Raner Collins, so he is complicit here, despite his pretense[2] (quoted in the motion) that I should get back to him if there was a problem with the return of my property.

On 2014-Mar-04, the DOJ returned some of my property, but they continue to keep the guns without legal authority.

[1] I am entitled to sell the guns and take possession of the other property.

[2] and also despite Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41(g)