It’s time for the 7th Annual

10,000 Puck Challenge


Shoot 10,000 pucks this off season and

become an elite member of BHB’s

“10,000 Puck Club!”


How much better would your shot be if you shot 10,000 pucks? Make good use of your time this summer and improve your game. Become the sniper you always dreamed about. Develop a quick release. Be the player that goalies hate. Make your shot laser accurate!




1. Keep track of your shots.

2. Achieve the goal by the beginning of next year’s regular season.

3. Next fall, notify Bill Curl ( that you completed the task and receive a custom 10,000 puck club t-shirt.

4. Wear your shirt with pride. You earned it!


1. Get 20 pucks and shoot 5 sets/day.

2. Have a designated area to shoot.

3. Plan ahead for days you can’t shoot.

4. Set up your shooting area with a net or tarp with targets in the corners.

5. Get a smooth surface from which to shoot. Menards has 4x8 sheets of

wall covering for under $20 that work well. Or you can get sheets of plastic

from hockey retailers or plastic supply companies.

6. Work on all types of shots: wrist, snap, slap, backhand, top corner, 5 hole,

bottom corner. Practice your quick release. Practice your weaker shots

until they are no longer a weakness.

7. Don’t just shoot pucks. Remember, practicing just to

practice doesn’t necessarily make you better. Challenge yourself.

Make up games. See if you can get 10 of 20 shots through a target. Can

you hit a post 25% of the time? The crossbar?


Practice hard. Practice smart.

Good luck. Have fun. And

remember your competition is getting

better…are you?