Google Glass

Leslie Fisher

wearable computer with a heads up display

the way you activate it is with a little motion and a lot of talking

have to look up in order to see it

bone conduction microphone

supports evernote but NOT google docs at this point

$1500 plus tax, plus shipping

prescription frames $225

wifi must be an open network to connect w glass card

for networks with a password, you have to use the app on your computer to create a QR code that you can point to and zap the code.

best to keep glass connected to cell network instead of wifi

android glass app allows screencasting and allows you to navigate on the app on the android phone

doesn’t support SMS messaging on iOS, but does on Android

built in apps


take a picture

record a video

get directions to (android required)

make a call to

make a video call to

battery life running video - 45 min

normal mode - 8 hours

recording, etc,

5 megapixel

2.48 aperture

720p video

transferring photos - automatically backed up to G+ when on wifi

have to delete one at a time