Terrain Status

Lifts: 2,4,5,6,east rope,10,14,16

# of runs: 44

Base: 12-50”

New Snow (24 hours): 0

New Snow (7 Days): 2”

Guest Services:  Alps,Meadows

Rental:  Alps, Meadows

Food:  Alps, Paul’s, Meadows, LZ

Set up in the LZ:

94 West: Flat bar,Elbow rail,Gap to mailbox,Quad kink Rail,30 ft round bar,Flat Down Tube,Down-Flat Rail,Battleship Box,C Rail,Jump


94 East: Black tubes combo, Noodle, Zig zag rail, Whooptie to down bar

Jump line in LZ

Deb’s Drop: 3 boxes for the kiddo’s, 2 small table top jumps

Dawn’s Highlands: Boarder Cross with rollers

Park 14: flat box, up down box, 8ft flat bar, Down bar, A frame rail, S Box

*Lifts and runs subject to change throughout the day

Hours of  Operation

Regular Hours  9:30am-9:30pm


651-436-5245- Alps Office