Internet Access Policy 2015

The public areas of the library should be treated with the same courtesy and respect as the typical family living room, in that behavior and materials viewed publicly be appropriate for all ages, from toddlers to Grandmothers. Bear this in mind while using and viewing material on the Internet. Violation of these rules may result in the suspension of your Internet workstation access. The library’s public computers and laptops are equipped with filtering software designed to block access to materials in violation of Idaho law.

  1. Internet users shall log in to public workstations using their library barcodes. Out of area guests may contact the service desk for access.  
  2. Internet workstations may be used for one hour per day. If workstations are free after the initial hour,  additional time increments may be allowed. Speak with the service desk regarding your needs.
  3. Internet workstations are available on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Only two persons at a time are allowed to use a workstation. If you need to work as a group, please check out a laptop and move to a study room.
  5. The Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time for inappropriate use or inappropriate behavior.
  6. Misuse or abuse of Internet workstations, software, or the Internet will result in the suspension of your Internet access privileges.
  7. Library users shall not:
  1. Invade the privacy of others or engage in activity that is harassing, defamatory, or threatening.
  2. Receive or display images, graphics, and/or video which may be construed as reasonably obscene as defined by Idaho law (Idaho Statue 18-1514 & 33-2741)[1] If you have legitimate research needs please meet with the director.
  3. Use a mail client to access email, but may use a web client like Yahoo mail, Hotmail, or Gmail.
  4. Use the Internet workstations to gain unauthorized access to any network or computer system.
  5. Use any Internet workstation for illegal or criminal purpose.
  6. Engage in any activity using library computers which is malicious, offensive, libelous, or slanderous.
  7. View or display images, graphics, and/or videos of violence or hate.
  8. Represent themselves as another person for the purposes of any fraudulent activity.
  1. Parents are expected to monitor and supervise their children’s Internet sessions. Parents may restrict Internet access for their minor child.
  2. Library users are welcome to bring in USB storage devices for downloading and storing personal material. Do not save your files to library computers.
  3. The library is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal storage devices.
  4. Library staff members will not operate computers for you, but will guide you through learning how to operate the computers as time allows. The service desk is their priority.

This policy meets the requirements of Idaho state law, statute 33-27412 by restricting access to inappropriate material outlined in the state code, and by meeting criteria detailing the creation, adoption, review, and public availability of the policy. Library staff witnessing and discovering violations of this policy are to terminate use of the computer and suspend user privileges by order of the library director. User privileges may be reinstated at the director’s discretion. Library users who complain about this policy are invited to submit a complaint in writing to the library director and their state representatives.

Approved by the Portneuf District Library Board July 30, 2012.  Reapproved January 21st, 2015

[1] 2