Hair of insane broomI'll slice your child of peace in half.

Name: Sawagejou Chou

Nickname: Katanagiri

Age: 25 or so?

Weapons and attacks: Renbatou and Hakujin, Serpent Pose

Love Interests: His swords.

Allies: The Juppongatana

Enemies: Kenshin and Sanosuke

First Appearance: Kyoto Arc

Biography: Chou joined the Juppongatana for one reason: to fight enemies and take their swords. Chou has collected every sword one can dream of and a few one cannot. When Chou hears that the great swordsmith, Arai Shakku's last sword was dedicated as a holy relic at a shrine, he decided he wanted it. To secure his ability to get the sword, he took Shakku's baby grandson hostage and went to the shrine. When he arrived at the shrine, he ran into a decidedly unhappy Himura Kenshin, who demanded that Chou release the baby. A ferocious battle ensued that would have a profound impact on Kenshin.

Personality: Thinks only of swords and has no qualms about killing a baby.

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