Searching for the perfect voice comment solution? Try Kaizena! :

Follow along with the instructions…

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Kaizena will allow you to record voice comments right in your Google Docs! (It currently only works in Chrome… BUT Kaizena says that support for Firefox is coming next!!). Kaizena is currently only available for Google Docs.  It’s a wonderful (and free) Add-on and can be used in many different ways! Check out these solutions…

Need to quickly record students in a class like a pre-test/post-test? Create a Doc with the students’ names, and Pre-Test/Post-Test. Highlight either pre or post and have students record their prompt.


Each student has their own Doc, with images… Highlight the text or image and have students record their voices.


Add your own instructions to a Doc. Record your voice explaining the directions! You could use this like a Webquest right in a Google Doc!

Let’s get started!

First… Log into Google Drive and open a new Document (or open an old one, that works too!).

Once you have a document opened, you’ll need to add the Kaizena Add-on (you only need to do this one time, then it will be available in all your Docs). There is a bit of set-up the first time you use it… BUT this setup only has to be done once!! If you’ve already installed Kaizena, you can skip right to leaving feedback!

Up in the top menu bar, click on Add-ons and then Get add-ons…

In the search bar, type Kaizena, and then click on the blue + Free button.

Kaizena will ask permission to access your account… Click the blue Accept button

Open the Add-ons menu, and click on Kaidena Mini>Open Kaizena Mini

Next, you’ll need to install the Kaizena Plugin… Click the Green button.

Click the blue + Free button, and then click “add” on the Confirm New Extension window.

Go back and re-open the Add-ons menu, and click on Kaidena Mini>Open Kaizena Mini

Follow the set-up for Kaizena…

Now you’re ready to leave feedback!! Highlight the text you want to add your voice to, then click on the microphone icon, and then record!