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Official 2017 E-Week Guidebook

Revised by Kylie Kerik, Jessica Hohner and Madeleine Yeskoo
VP Spirit & E-Week Directors
This revision: January 3rd, 2017

Table of Contents

Table of Contents        2

1.0 Introduction        4

1.1 Contentions        4

1.2 Funding Distribution        4

2.0 Individual Participation        5

2.1 Participant Eligibility        5

2.2 Department/Club Restrictions        5

2.3 Registration and Sign-In Procedures        5

2.4 Volunteering        5

2.5 Participant Disqualification        5

3.0 Events        7

3.1 Sunday, January 15th        7

3.1.1  Opening Ceremonies        7

3.2  Monday, January 16th        9

3.2.1  Red Eye Breakfast        9

3.2.2  fEUSball        9

3.2.3  Day the Movie Died        11

3.3  tEUSday, January 17th        12

3.3.1  Chariot Racing        12

3.3.2 Impromptu Speech and Debate        13

3.3.3  Pit Purge        17

3.4  Wednesday, January 18th        17

3.4.1  PP Pancakes        17

3.4.2 True Engineer        17

3.4.3  Cooking With Beer        18

3.4.4  4-Legged Race        19

3.5  Thursday, January 19th        20

3.5.1  WiE and EWB Trivia        20

3.5.2  Dodgeball Tournament        21

3.5.3  Annual General Meeting        22

3.5.4  Old Red New Red        22  Ball Model        23

3.6  Friday, January 20th        25

3.6.1  G&Q Breakfast        25

3.6.2  E-Ball Soccer Tournament        25

3.6.3  FilmfEUSt        26

3.6.4  Red Knight and SongfEUSt        28

3.7  Saturday, January 21st        29

3.7.1  The 98th Annual Engineer’s Ball        29

4.0 Contact List        30

5.0 Conclusion        31

APPENDIX A        33

1.0 Introduction

E-Week is gaining on us, like a TIE fighter on rebel scum! Welcome to the E-Week Guidebook! It’s everything you will ever want and need to know about E-Week 2017. This document will be your Prima Official Strategy Guide during the greatest week of the year. Come out to every event, follow the rules, and, above all else, show us your SPIRIT,  and you will have a good shot at taking that spiffy E-Week Trophy back to your department clubroom, where all the 2018 neophytes can look upon it in awe. From all of us here on the Spirit Team, we wish you luck.

1.1 Contentions

This Guidebook will also be the reference for all rule disputes and challenges. If you or your Department has a problem with how an event was run, please refer to this document. This will be what the EUS Executive and E-Week Directors refer to when making rulings. Let it be known that all rule disputes, challenges, dissensions and controversies will only be considered within 24 hours of the end of the event in question. Any contentions brought up later than 24 hours past the end of the event will not be considered.

To file a contention, please submit the form provided in Appendix A of this document via email to the EUS VP Spirit ( and EUS President ( within the allotted time period.

1.2 Funding Distribution

        The following funding will be provided to each competing department.


Maximum Amount




Funding can towards whatever kind of hype event you see fit

Chariot and Ball Model


Combined total of $200 for BOTH chariot and Ball Model. This funding can be spent between these two items however seen fit, but cannot be used outside of these items.

Cooking With Beer


Receipts are required for all events, please submit original receipt to VP Finance.

**Chariot and Ball Model receipts MUST be given to E-WEEK team (Directors or Spirit) either before or at the event to receive funding for these items. If hard copy is not available at that time a photo of the receipt can be used, but reimbursement will not occur until hardcopy of the receipt is submitted.

2.0 Individual Participation

2.1 Participant Eligibility

In order to be eligible to participate in E-Week, one must be an active member of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS), and neither an EUS Executive nor an E-Week Director. Active membership, is defined in the EUS Constitution (Section 1.4) as Undergraduate Engineering students who have paid their EUS fees for the 2016/2017 calendar year.

For 2017, an exception will be made for current UNBC students in the Environmental Engineering joint degree program who declare themselves ahead of time with the EUS.

2.2 Department/Club Restrictions

Individuals may choose to participate with their home department, a competing ex-officio club, or both. Individuals may only participate for a department or club of which they are a member. There is a limit of one department and one ex-officio club team per person.

Individuals choosing to compete for both a department and an ex-officio club shall have their individual participation and volunteer points split evenly between the two. Participation points earned for competing in teams and points earned for winning competitive events shall not be split. Individuals can only compete with one team per event. Points will be revoked from both teams if a member of their team is caught competing with two teams in one event.

2.3 Registration and Sign-In Procedures

 To receive points during E-Week, all participants must fill out the “E-Week 2017 Barcode Registration” to declare their department/club affiliation. This may be done at any time prior to the beginning of E-Week, or at any time during E-Week, including at events. The deadline is 11:59pm on Friday, January 20th. Registration is retroactive, and should an individual participate in any events prior to registration as well as sign in (see below), they will accumulate points for their team.

This form will also collect student card barcode numbers. This barcode will be scanned at events and used to track participation points. Individuals who do not have their student card at an event will not receive participation points.

2.4 Volunteering

To earn volunteer points, individuals must sign up using the E-Week Volunteer Form and attend their entire shift. Note that volunteer shifts will be assigned as needed on a first-come first-serve basis, and filling out the form does not guarantee that an individual will be asked to volunteer at a particular event.

2.5 Participant Disqualification

An individual participating in E-Week can disqualify themselves by not meeting the requirements described in sections 2.1 and 2.2. If any individual does not meet these requirements, the points associated with that person (points for winning if said individual was on the winning team, individual participation points, team participation points,  volunteering points, and attendance points) will be removed from the team’s E-Week point total.

3.0 Events

You’re all here for the events, and so we present to you a brief (if sarcastic) summary and the rules for each event in order. The EUS encourages all Department Presidents and E-Week Representatives to read the appropriate section before attending the corresponding event.

3.1 Sunday, January 15th

The opening day of E-Week 2017 includes Opening Ceremonies (is anyone surprised?) and then getting a good night’s sleep. Unless you’re a Director; then you just have nightmares.

3.1.1  Opening Ceremonies

Boat races, speeches, and special exhibition matches for your viewing pleasure. Also, the badasses from the Godiva Band will be bringing their engineering spirit! Start the week off right and show us your engineering pride!


In loving memory of Janyce Archutick

April 27th 1994-February 6th 2017

How Points Are Awarded

3.2  Monday, January 16th

Manic Monday will contain Red Eye Breakfast, fEUSball Tournament, and Day the Movie Died.

3.2.1  Red Eye Breakfast

Wake up bright and early for free food, provided by some very well-rested volunteers.


How Points Are Awarded

3.2.2  fEUSball

A double elimination Fußball tournament, pitting each Department’s best players against one another. I was really just looking for an excuse to put an eszett in this guidebook.


How Points Are Awarded

3.2.3  Day the Movie Died

Remember Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Of course you don’t, because it was cancelled in 1999 and you were all still waiting for your baby teeth to fall out. The important thing is that you’re going to watch a terrible movie (or two) and rip its (or their) scientific inaccuracies to shreds (i.e. write them down).


How Points are Awarded

3.3  tEUSday, January 17th

Tuesday (or tEUSday, if you’re nasty; fittingly named for Týr, the Norse god of heroic and glorious combat) will include Chariot Races, Impromptu Speech and Debate, and Pit Purge.

3.3.1  Chariot Racing

Among the most anticipated events of the year, the Chariot Race is a grand tradition dating back to at least half a century, and is a great excuse to dress up in togas and make Arts students jealous.


How Points are Awarded

3.3.2 Impromptu Speech and Debate

A new event enters the fray this year, the formal debate. Finally, a real-life chance to destroy the competition with a speech check! I hope you rolled a decent Charisma score in the character creator (#KOTOR4Lyfe).        

This event is split into two rounds. The first round is an impromptu speech on an engineering-related topic. The top four teams move on to the second round, a formal debate portion of the competition.

Rules - Impromptu Speech - First Round

Judging Rubric






Overall Impression


Topic components  are presented in a clear and orderly way; Include an opening, body and closing;


Reasonable and logical  response to the topic; Directness; Achievement of Purpose;


Connect with the audience; Appropriate use of body language and eye contact;


Clear and fluent words; Speed and volume of voice at an easy to understand level;


Enjoyable to listen to; Enthusiasm about their speech;


Rules - Impromptu Debate - Top 4 Teams

Judging Rubric

The debate is judged based upon the most convincing argument. Each judge will decide individually and the debate chair will tally the decisions.



Organization and Clarity (/5)

Use of Argument (/5)

Use of Cross-

Examination and Rebuttal        (/5)

Presentation Style (/5)


Main arguments and responses are outlined in a clear and orderly way.

Reasons are given against the resolution.

Identification of weakness in Affirmative team’s arguments and ability to defend itself against attack.

Tone of voice, clarity of expression, precision of arguments all contribute to keeping audience’s attention and persuading them of the team’s case.



Organization and Clarity (/5)

Use of Argument (/5)

Use of Cross-

Examination and Rebuttal        (/5)

Presentation Style (/5)


Main arguments and responses are outlined in a clear and orderly way.

Reasons are given against the resolution.

Identification of weakness in Negative team’s arguments and ability to defend itself against attack.

Tone of voice, clarity of expression, precision of arguments all contribute to keeping audience’s attention and persuading them of the team’s case.

How Points are Awarded

3.3.3  Pit Purge

Eat, drink, and be merry on the EUS’s dime! Also, win some fabulous prizes in our engaging mini-games, which we definitely won’t be making up the night before. This is a just-for-fun event, so no points will be awarded.


3.4  Wednesday, January 18th

        Wednesday (Fun FactTM: named for Wodin, better known as Odin or Óðinn, Norse god of pretty much everything cool) will include such illustrious events as PP Pancakes, True Engineer, Cooking With Beer and 4-Legged Race.

3.4.1  PP Pancakes

Free pancakes, made with the blood, sweat, and tears of the First Years? Who can complain about that?


3.4.2 True Engineer

Which department is the Engineeriest? Which can build an arbitrary structure which may or may not be relevant to their specific field of study in an unreasonably short amount of time out of predetermined odds and sods from the dollar store? Find out at True Engineer!


How Points are Awarded

3.4.3  Cooking With Beer

This is the best event. Make food, using beer. Impress your peers. Impress the judges. Impress the Dean.


Presentation of the food(/10)



Taste (20)

Accuracy (/5)

Judge’s Discretion (/5)

Hygiene (/5)


Content (/5)

How Points Are Awarded

3.4.4  4-Legged Race

You thought three-legged races were hard, try four legs + trivia + drinks. We give you a hint, you seek out a station, and our merry band of volunteers give you a task or question.


How Points are Awarded

3.5  Thursday, January 19th

        This section describes events held on Thursday, AKA Thor’s day, the day of thunder, lightning and thrills most frightening. This day include the following events: WiE Trivia, Dodgeball Tournament, Annual General Meeting, and Old Red New Red (including the Ball Model Competition).

3.5.1  WiE and EWB Trivia

Women in Engineering want you to show them what you’ve got. If you and your friends are the smartest (or just best at useless minutiae), this is the event for you!



How Points are Awarded

3.5.2  Dodgeball Tournament

Dodge a Calculator, Dodge a Ball! (Wrenches are too Mech-specific a reference for this crowd)


How Points are Awarded

3.5.3  Annual General Meeting

The EUS does other things during the year! Shocking, I know. Come in, get fed, and find out where all your student fees are going!


How Points Are Awarded

3.5.4  Old Red New Red

Our biggest Alumni event of the year is back! Meet the old codgers who stole the Speaker’s Chair at the BC Legislature, network with cool adult people doing exciting P.Eng things, and catch up with your old friends who graduated and abandoned you! This event also includes the Ball Model showcase, to be judged by the alumni.


How Points are Awarded  Ball Model

It’s hard to believe, but back in the day, nobody trusted us with liquor licences for our events. The engineers of old, as one might expect, took on the challenge of sneaking alcohol into the Engineers’ Ball with gusto, and today we continue their tradition of creativity and technical prowess with the slightly-more-legal Ball Model competition. This event of slightly questionable origins is the culmination of all the knowledge you have acquired at UBC, and is your chance to show us your project management, design, and technical skills. And at the end, maybe you’ll get a pretty trophy!



These guidelines are not rules, but following them will greatly increase your chance of winning the ball model competition.

 Judging Rubric 

The models will be judged by a panel of experts (and the alumni) during Old Red New Red based on the following criteria.

Quantity Concealed by Volume (/15)

Creativity of Concealment (/15)

Use of Technical Practice/ Principles (/30)

Relevance to Department (/10)

Visual Appeal, Ingenuity and Creativity of design (/30)

Will it Blend? (Bonus)

How Points Are Awarded

3.6  Friday, January 20th

        This section will describe events held on the Friday of E-Week 2017, assuming that the organisers have not fallen into coma by that point. This day include the following events: G&Q Brunch, E-Ball Soccer, FilmfEUSt and Red Knight.

3.6.1  G&Q Breakfast

Gears and Queers is promoting their Breakfast Agenda. Stave off the nausea from last night with some pancakes and bacon!


3.6.2  E-Ball Soccer Tournament

Nothing screams “I love applying science” like a good old fashioned giant soccer match. In this single elimination tournament, with a revised, clarified ruleset, your department will doubtless utterly destroy the opposition on EOSC Battlefield.


How Points are Awarded

3.6.3  FilmfEUSt

Now, we all know that Star Wars is the greatest movie ever made, but you can certainly try to top it. This traditional competition dates back to the ancient days of VHS submissions, and involves every department making us laugh, cry, and cheer with their spectacular filmmaking ability. Will this year’s winner be a dramatic space opera? A whimsical musical? Two gamers on a couch? Find out at FilmfEUSt!



The following guidelines are not official rules, but may increase your chance of winning the competition.

Judging Rubric

Creativity and Quality (/20)

Technical Merit (/25)

Relevance to Department (10)

Audio/ Visual Clarity (/20)

Cheering (/15)

How Points are Awarded

3.6.4  Red Knight and SongfEUSt

25 cent beer . Hundreds of engineers. Jessica the Co-Director bartending in a Jägermeister croptop. What more do you need?

You need a SongfEUSt! Bring your department's verse of Godiva’s Hymn to sing at Red Knight for participation points.


How Points are Awarded

3.7  Saturday, January 21st

        It’s over. There is only event left to attend: the Engineer’s Ball. Followed by sleep.

3.7.1  The 98th Annual Engineer’s Ball

We’re going to the gorgeous Diamond Ballroom this year to celebrate the end of this crazy week in a manner most fitting for a group of rough-and-tumble, hungover young rapscallions like us: a formal dinner and dance. Find out the final standings: did your team conquer all, or get left in the dust?


How Points are Awarded



4.0 Contact List





E-Week Spirit Team

Kylie Kerik

VP Spirit


Jessica Hohner

E-Week Directors


Madeleine Yeskoo


EUS Exec

Jeanie Malone


Jakob Gattinger

VP Academic

Bryan Starick

VP Admin

Kate Burnham

VP Communication

Robyn Starkoski

VP Finance

Daniel Luo

VP Student Life

Dept. Clubs

JP Faucher

CHBE Co-Presidents

Mike Tian

Erica Mason

Civil President

Nick Mulvenna

ECE Co-Presidents

Angela Cho

Esther Te Linde

ENVE President

Akshiv Bansal

FIZZ President

Emily Bolton

GEO Co-Presidents

Jack Park

Quinn Richardson

IGEN President

Ashley Mak

MECH President

Gordie Hannigan

MINE President

Jaymi Booth

MTRL President

Jamiu Abdulsalami

Danny Jung

PP President

Ex-O Clubs

Rebecca McCreedy

AOE President

Michael Adria

SPD President

5.0 Conclusion

E-WEEK 2017 is almost here! Get excited, organized and ready to compete. By reading this document, you should have a solid understanding of what E-WEEK is about, what is going to be happening, and what you can do to win. This document is the holy grail for E-WEEK. Please recall that all contentions must be raised within 24 hours of the end of the event, and they will not be considered if they are late. Contentions and disputes will be resolved by the EUS Executive, with decisions based off the words of this document. The EUS wishes you all the best of luck during E-WEEK 2016. Compete hard, have fun and represent engineering!

APPENDIX A - Contention/Dispute



Event Under Dispute:

Describe Events Leading Up to Dispute:

Describe Dispute:

What has happened since the dispute?

Time Submitted:

Exec Receiving: