Three-year SLA plan for new employees

Teachers who are new to JPTA will follow the proposed plan in order to become a contributing staff member within three years.

      Year 1 goals:

  1. familiarity with SLA program (our school is providing Spanish language acquisition, not to be confused with bilingual or dual-language programs)
  2. scope and sequence (included)
  3. work with mentor to implement practices (mentor will be assigned by director; mentor must be a staff member with at least three years’ experience)
  4. training for standardized assessments (mentor will facilitate this training)
  5. Spanish language instructional strategies, resources (included)
  6. standards/curriculum (included)
  7. participation in Language Acquisition Team meetings/activities (level of participation will be determined by LAT members and director and will depend on the new teacher’s level of experience)

     Year 2 goals:

  1. continue working with mentor
  2. assess own students (with mentor support for scoring and data entry)

     Year 3 goals:

  1. complete mentorship work
  2. contribute to school-wide practices
  3. assess own students, score and enter own data, possibly assess other students

*Document created by LAT members, July 2017