Superheroes V.S. Randomness


The package had been dropped off. The box had a mild orange glow to it. Tushu pried open the surprisingly cold cardboard box (It was summer) and saw a device. He picked it up and on the back it said, “Warning: Leads to parallel universe.” Tushu clicked it anyways, they were swirling around in a dark dimension. It looked like they were in space.

 Revy commented by saying, “The fact that we could see Earth from here was weird.” When they landed, they were on a different universe that looked like Earth but everything was backwards. The dead flies were usually on the right side of the stairs but the flies were on the left instead. When Tushu picked up a magazine lying on the floor, the words were backwards. Everybody looked at Tushu, Vihaan's, and Revy's shirt and they started laughing.

Vihaan asked somebody why they were laughing and they replied, “Your shirt is backwards.” The machine went so fast, Tushu dropped the device, it broke and he blamed it on Revy. The first thing they saw was a detective with the name of Adrian Grey. They asked Adrian what year and month it was. He said December of 2015. Tushu, Vihaan, and Revy were surprised. In their time, it was June of 2015. They realized it was a real parallel device. The detective asked them how they came out of thin air. They responded with a parallel device, they asked Adrian Grey if he could fix it.

Adrian said, “With the right materials I can.” But first Adrian Grey asked them if they could help him with his partner, Drake Whitman, he and his partner had worked at the London Special Response Command but Drake disappeared after a while and no one  knew about his whereabouts. Drake said he had seen Santa Claus when he was little but had a bad experience with Santa. Adrian muttered, “Santa tried to kill Drake, ever since then, Drake hasn’t acted the same way.”

Tushu asked, “Why do you need our help?”

Adrian responded, “Because I am Santa Claus.” Vihaan quickly gasped and squeezed Adrian. Tushu agreed to go on the mission, even if he was retired.

Tushu asked, “Why did you try to kill Drake.”

“A long time ago, Drake threatened to kill my family if I didn’t rob from the bank of London. He knew I was Santa Claus and he knew I was jolly enough to take the blame. I went to the Bank and met Drake there. I knew I had to kill him or I would ruin my whole reputation as Santa Claus scaring people for life, so I pulled the trigger on my gun but the bullet wouldn’t come out and he ran away before I could even kill him. This is why I need your help, so he doesn’t see my face. Plus, Drake has one of the tools that you need to fix your parallel device.” Adrian pleaded. Tushu agreed to go, soon the four finished packing and started off on their journey.


Coming February 14, 2016