Jason Follansbee

Jordenne Sargent

Lindsay Lesiczka

Dave Lesiczka

Cassie Leavitt

Meeting called to order at 6:57pm.

Lindsay made a motion to accept the November minutes. Jordenne seconded. Minutes approved.

Jerry Murphy and Jason Pelland gave a quick presentation on their business and how it might benefit EYAA.

Dave motioned to table conversation on the topic until next meeting, in order to give board members an opportunity to research the topic. Jason seconded. Motion passed.


Dave mentioned he had a meeting with a few other towns to try to fill out our rec program. Dave said he is interested in keeping at least one travel team next fall at a more competitive level. He mentioned that he will be looking closely at our field usage for next fall as well. Dave would like to get assessments done prior to July 4th. Dave said he’ll be paying closer attention to expenses this year in an attempt to equal expenses and income.

Jeff asked for permission to bring someone to the next meeting to discuss futsol with the group. Everyone ok’d.

President's Update:

Jason gave a President’s update. Basketball is off and running, but he noted that the board is a bit overly stressed as we try to support a new director. He registered an extra girl’s player at the 3/4 level last night. Lindsay commented on the support of basketball as well.

Cassie asked if we still need help with scheduling for basketball. Board said we are ok for the moment.

Board discussion around Coach Sue and what EYAA should do as a dedication. Cassie made a motion to authorize the president to speak on behalf of EYAA to whomever is the authority at the town or the school in reference to creating a memorial to Coach Sue. Jordenne seconded. Motion passed.


Basketball is up and running without any major problems. Conversation around a few small issues we’ve had with communication to parents. Questions around K-2 uniforms being ordered. Registration closes in two days.

Action: Tiffany or Chris needs to go through the K-2 equipment.

Jason mentioned he didn’t see the Kindergarten equipment at Mary Blair. Jeff mentioned we should purchase new K (mini) balls anyway as the old ones didn’t hold air from week to week.

Conversation around paying refs.


Jason said we are moving forward with moving back to Cal Ripken. We’ll be playing with Newmarket and Stratham. Jeff asked when registrations need to open. Jason said registrations need to open in February. Jason would also like to a run a pitching/catching clinic. He’ll reach out to Jenna at the Fisher Cats. Jason will continue to look for estimates on redoing the fields at Mary Blair.

Round Table:

Jason mentioned the warrant article, and he plans to go speak in support of it. Conversation around providing scholarships to parents who ask.

Cassie made a motion to adjourn at 9:24pm. Jeff seconded. Meeting adjourned.