Will Rogers Junior High School Dress Code

In addition to the district dress code guidelines, the following rules apply to students at Will Rogers. For more information about Tulsa Public School’s policy, go to: https://www.tulsaschools.org/1_Administration/_board_policies/2601-R.pdf.

ID cards and lanyards shall be worn around the neck AT ALL TIMES. They are issued to new students at the beginning of the school year during schedule pick-up. Replacement ID cards cost $5.00.

Logos and Spirit Wear

Tops, Shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies

Pants, Capris, Shorts, Skirts

Belts shall not have wording or labels on them, shall be tucked into the pant loops, and cannot hang down.

Coats and jackets must be left in the student’s locker. They cannot be worn in the classrooms. If you are cold natured, you will need a hoodie to wear to class. Blankets are not allowed in the classrooms.

Shoes shall be worn at all times. No house shoes, slippers, shower shoes or flip-flops are allowed.

Piercings with jewelry are only allowed in the ears. All other piercings must have a SMALL CLEAR retainer that does not draw attention to the piercing.

Approved Backpacks - The only backpacks allowed in the classroom, library cafeteria, etc. during the school day are string backpacks and OPEN MESH backpacks. Large backpacks with padded arms that are not OPEN MESH are NOT allowed on campus during the school day.