P/BAG 25 Sinda Zambia Eastern Province

HELLO, my co-worker and partner in Christ!

Greeting’s in the name of our lord Jesus Christ the church and my  family is  greeting you with love and honey all the time because you are making a difference from  bad to good lives.


I am a Zambian citizen by birth, born on 05th October 1977. I am the first born in the family. My father and mother were not Christians; also my grandmother was a fiend doctor or tradition doctor.  My grandmother was keeping me and teaching me her work going in the bush and digging the charms for the sick people and worshiping idols all the time getting money from many people.  In the bush one day I was bitten by the snake called black mamba. I could not walk and was near death for months and paralyzed.  The second near death experience was in 1980 when two men were cutting the trees. Men called me to bring water for them and while walking toward them, the tree fell down and landed on my head. My grandmother took me to the hospital.  I was failing to talk, walk, and eat.  The doctor  said, “That this boy has died,  let us just wait for the other doctor to come and sign for the death certificate.”  By the grace of God the other doctor did not come for 5 hours. When he came, even though they had covered me with a sheet,  I heard  the two doctors discussing my death and preparing to sign the death certificate and the voices of  my grandmother and other people crying out to God Almighty to give me a new life from bad to good. God spared my life a second time because He had a great plan and purpose for my life.


Before becoming a pastor, I was a farmer in Northern Petauke. Through God’s providence I became a coordinator for Dunavant Cotton Company with more than 3000 farmers in my area under my supervision. After that the company put me in charge of accounts payable and gave me charge over 2500 villages to handle the distribution of funds between the company and the farmers. The company provided me a vehicle to travel around Eastern Zambia to conduct business and purchase cotton for the company. When God called me into the ministry, it was a very big sacrifice for me to give up my good salary and my vehicle, for very few people in Zambia can afford to buy a vehicle. Just like when Jesus called the disciples.....He called me to leave everything and follow HIM.


I started going to church in 1989 but was not a Christian. Even though I was attending church, I was still a bad man, a drinker, adulterer, stirring many things up among the people etc.  In the following year 1990 on 05th October, I heard the pastor preaching the message from the book of Revelation 21:6-8.19:11-15. As the Spirit of God opened my heart, I gave my life to Christ and I was saved by the Grace of God John 1:12, Romans 10:7-12. I was baptised on 22 July 1990 in water.

My marriage:  I was married in 12 September 1996  to my wife Idah Phiri Jere.  God has blessed us with seven children....three boys and four girls. I love my wife!


I began serving as a deacon in my church from 1991 until 2001. God began calling me as a pastor in 2000 and I served as Pastor of Goshen Baptist Church from 2002 until 2008. In 2008 God enabled me to plant Golgotha Baptist Church in Sinda Village and He began placing on my heart a burden to reach the many unreached villages in Eastern Zambia and Mozambique that were still living the traditional life with demon worship and killing of animals and idol worshipping. I began praying in 2008 that God would send someone to help me reach these unreached peoples who were perishing in their sins and bound for hell. God answered my prayers in 2012 by sending Enoch Njovu and EPI to Sinda to plant two churches and has now brought me together with John and Sharon Booker to be the coordinator for all of EPI’s work in Zambia and Mozambique.


I did my studies at Kawere Petauke Bible School for three years from 2004 to 2007.  I graduated and have my Theology Seminary Certificate. Other training includes:  PTI,TEE  TRAINING, World Bible Evangelism and Church Planting.                    

Witnessing: By the grace of God I have done the witnessing to my family. My brother and sister’s are all Christians now, also my mother before she died in 2009 was saved and my dad has been saved recently and his life rescued from drinking and other sins, but not my grandmother.  Only God knows this part of my testimony more.  Please continue to pray for me and my family.

God bless you!

Pastor Iwell Phiri