University of California, San Diego

Graduate Student Association

Council Meeting #13

Monday, May 6, 2013

6:00pm, Huerta - Philip Vera Cruz Room

I.        Call to Order

II.        Approval of Agenda

III.        Public Comment and Announcement

IV.        Presentation of Budget         

V.        Finance Bills

VI.        Diversity Bylaws Presentation

VII.        Additional Bylaws Presentation from Bylaw Committee

VIII.        Constitutional Amendment Presentation

IX.        Additional Bylaw Presentation

X.        Appointments

XI.        Call for Agenda Items

XII.        Adjourn

Members in attendance: Chris Ahn, Dan Jacobsen, Michael Yu, Shigeki Miyake-Stoner, Chris Abdullah, Jackie Ward, Holly Dembinski, Nathanial Wood-Cohan, Brie Iatarola, Roshni Chandrashekar, Sayanan Sivaraman, Jorge Leal, Yutaka Ishida, Alexandra Tracy, Simeng Zeng, Haydee Smith, Rahul Kapadia, Hossein Sadeghi, Gregory Wagner, Lindsay Freeman, Darcy Barron, Alex Mendez, Nicole Henniger, Steve Niemiec, Harrison Carter, Scott Ouellette, Lara Bullock, Mat Jarvis, Emily Elizabeth Goodman, Ash Arianpour, Don Johnson, Shannon Muir, Scott Guenther

Finance Bills


Funds Remaining

Funds under Request

Funds remaining if requests approved

General Request Fund

$ 3,525

$ 1,000

$ 2,525

Academic and Professional Request Fund

$ 2,370

$  513

$ 1,857

Diversity Request Fund

$ 107


$ 107

Family Friendly Fund

$ 1,800

$ 860

$ 940

APRF 20:

Appropriate $513 from Academic and Professional Request Fund to Donald Johnson for an Afternoon with Prof. Sophal Ear. This event is an opportunity for the campus community to become aware of the Cambodian community and the long struggle for peace, inclusion and social justice. Organizers expect at least 60 Graduate / Professional students to attend the event.

GRF 15:

Appropriate $1,000 from General Request Fund to Antonio Gonzalez for LASO Festival.  The event will be a celebration of Latin American history and culture with drinks, food and entertainment. Entertainment will include dancers and music. Organizers expect around 200-300 Graduate / Professional students to attend the event.

FFF 02:

Appropriate $660 from Family Friendly Fund to Haydee Smith for Student Parents’ Night Out Pilot Program.  Modeled on the success of similar “Parents’ Night Out” events at UC Irvine, this program seeks to improve the health, well-being and campus experience of student parents at UCSD by creating a sense of community and belonging. The childcare resources will provide student parents time to: community-build, improve their mental health, and engage in research or social activities from which they may typically be restricted by their responsibilities as parents. Organizers expect 80 guests to attend the event.

FFF 03:

Appropriate $200 from Family Friendly Fund to Bradley Hansen for Grad Parents Network Info Session.  The event will be for Recruitment for new members and officers, signing people up on mailing list, providing information on new resources for GSRs with children, and other resources currently available to all grad students. Organizers expect around 60 Graduate students to attend the events.