Human Rights Conference: Without Borders?

Saturday, October 5th 8:15 am - 4:30 pm

Carrboro Century Center

On Saturday October 5th, the HRC is organizing a conference titled Without Borders? We want to challenge the day- to- day boundaries and tackle questions such as, "Are there some borders we may want to abolish? Some we may wish to preserve? Transgress? Are there some borders we wish to finesse? Is solidarity possible across our diversities?

MC - Victor Acosta




8:15-8:30 am


Bonners Leader & HRC Afterschool Video

8:30-9:30 am

Migrantes sin Fronteras

“Migrants without Borders”

Students United for Immigration Equality: Boriana Mravoka, Emilio Vincente, Maria Rodriguez and Giovanny. “Beto” Rodriguez

Translator: Daena Jaimes

9:35-10:05 am

Where are the Refugees?

Local refugees: Susu and Abdullah

10:10-10:50 am

Empowerment, Independence and Culture

Community Empowerment Fund: Myrna Perez and Sarah Cohn, AmeriCorps Vista

Myrna Perez: CEF Latin@ Coordinator


Keynote Speech: Heroes, Dreamers, and the Promise of America

Gene R. Nichol

Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the Center on Poverty, Work & Opportunity

11:40-12:20 pm

LUNCH BREAK: Olga's delicious tamales recommended!

12:20-12:45 pm

Raging Grannies


Harakat el Heels - UNC Student Palestinian dance group

Amar Arafat, Abood Dahnoun, Hussein Ahmad, Joel Hage, Rosaleen Zitawi, Dalia Kaakour, Sarah Zamamiri, Jenna Sawafta

1:05-1:45 pm

New Doors to Housing: The Challenges of Affordability

Town of Chapel Hill Council Member: Sally Greene

Damon Seils, Jamie Rohe, and Tish Galu

1:50-2:50 pm

The Activist as Elected Official

Former NC Senator Ellie Kinnaird

Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton

Maria Palmer CH Town of Council Candidate

2:55-3:35 pm

Changing the Borders of Corporate Power:

Three workers organizing campaigns that challenge egregious corporate profit while workers struggle to survive

Women's International League of Peace & Freedom

Miriam Thompson, Labor Co-Chair of Triangle WILPF and CHC Branch, NAACP.

Ben Wilkins works with the Carolina Workers Organizing Committee's Fast Food Workers

3:40-4:20 pm

The Other Side

Communiversity: Charles Hands, Jeanette Stackhouse, Holly Stephens,and Dylane Davis