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Athletic Handbook


…Do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31

GVCS Philosophy of Education

The philosophy of GV Christian School is based on a God-centered worldview that absolute truth exists and that all truth is God’s truth. We believe that the Bible is the inspired and the only infallible, authoritative Word of God that contains this truth. A biblical worldview is at the center of every school activity whether academic, athletic or relational.


Every student has value because God created them and loves them. He created each one uniquely with different gifts and abilities. Every activity at the school is designed to bring out and nurture these God-given gifts. We believe in a well-balanced curriculum that focuses on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the student, with the teacher as a Christian mentor.

Our school is committed to promoting high standards in all aspects of the student’s life in order for them to achieve skills in critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity, using the best integrated curriculum materials available. The objective of our instructional program is to enable students to be thoroughly prepared for the college of their choice.


Since we believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the core of successful human existence, all school curriculum will be integrated with this principle as the thread that ties all things together. The spiritual must permeate all areas, or we become textbook oriented rather than student centered.

The Bible clearly identifies the sanctity of the parent child relationship and this is upheld at every level of the school. Clear and timely communication between parents and staff is promoted to ensure a great educational team for every student at GV Christian School.




Our Vision at GV Christian School (GVCS) is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, by providing our community with the best possible Christian education. GVCS is a ministry of GV Christian Center. The purpose of our school is two-fold:

1. To be an extension of the Christian parent in the training of their child along with their church.

2. To be an outreach to un-churched parents who desire to offer their child a Christian education in a Christian environment.

It is our prayer that the un-churched would come to know God's saving grace. We pray every year that the Lord would place students and parents at GVCS to whom we would be able to minister. It is our belief that you are not here by chance, but by the divine order of God.


GV Christian School Mission Statement

The Pursuit of God, Knowledge, Compassion & Leadership.



Policies and Procedures





The purpose of this handbook is to define and clarify the athletic policies and

procedures of GV Christian School.

The success of the Athletic Program depends on the understanding and cooperation

of the Administration and Faculty in carrying out the basic athletic policies of

GVCS, which are based on the Word of God.  



I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13



Nevada Independent Athletic Association:  NIAA (9th-12th)

GV Christian School is a recognized member of the NIAA that serves as the authorized representative of the Department of Education in the supervision and control of interscholastic athletic activities of all high schools in the state.  More information about this association can be found at


Valley Athletic Conference:  VAC (4th-8th)

GV Christian School is a recognized member of the VAC that serves as the authorized representative in the supervision and control of athletic activities for all conference members of elementary and jr. high schools in the Las Vegas Valley.  

Sports Offered at GV Christian School for the 2017-2018 school year:

Varsity (9th-12th)

Junior Varsity (9th-11th)

Jr. High (7th-8th)

Elementary (4th-6th)

*Exceptions do exist in the grade levels in cheerleading, and cross country.  


Fall Sports                                 Winter Sports                         Spring Sports

Cheerleading (year round)


Jr. High

Elementary (2nd-6th)


Co-ed Jr. High

Co-ed Elementary-Red

Co-ed Elementary-Blue        


Boys’ Varsity

Cross Country

Boys’ Varsity

Boys’ Jr. High (6th-8th)

Girls’ Varsity

Girls’ Jr. High (6th-8th)


Boys’ Varsity

Boys’ Junior Varsity

Boys’ Jr. High

Boys’ Elementary - Red

Boys’ Elementary - Blue

Girls’ Varsity

Girls’ Junior Varsity

Girls’ Jr. High

Girls’ Elementary          

Track & Field

Boys’ Varsity

Girls’ Varsity

Flag Football


Jr. High (7th-8th)


Girls’ Varsity                        

Girls’ Junior Varsity                

Girls’ Jr. High                

Girls’ Elementary-Red

Girls’ Elementary-White

TABLE OF CONTENTS                        Page                                                

I. Administration of Athletics         

A.  Statement of Philosophy         6                

B.  Objectives of Participation         6

II. General Information        


A.  Athletic Code         6-8

B.  Pre Season Parent Meeting         8

C.  Policy for Squad Selection        8-9

D.  High School Eligibility        9

E.  Student Activities        9

F.  Attendance         10

G.  Training Rules        10

H.  Uniforms/Equipment        10

I.  Gross Misconduct        10

J.  Hazing or Bullying        11

K.  Parent/Coach Communication        11-12

L.  Dual Sports Participation Policy        11

M.  Transportation Waivers        11-12

N.  Medical Insurance & Physical        12

III. Athletic Participation Fee & Athletic Contract        12

IV. Athletic Clearance to Participate        12

V. Academic Eligibility        12

VI. Athletic Awards & GVCS Athletic Scholarship        12-13

VII. School Suspensions & In-house Suspensions        13

VIII. Sponsorships        13

IX. Transportation & Bus Procedures        13-14

X. Document of Compliance        15

Add-On Documents:

Physical Form        16-19

Gym & Field Addresses        20

Sponsorship Form        21









 I. Administration of Athletics

A. Statement of Philosophy

1. GV Christian School believes individual students will benefit through opportunities to grow physically and intellectually through their experience in self-discipline and their contribution to team effort made possible through competitive inter-school sports activities.

2. The purpose of athletics is both educational and recreational. The athletic program should encourage participation by as many boys and girls as deemed necessary for the success of the program.

3. Athletic teams at GVCS are competitive in each sport, at each level, to represent the school.        Athletes who do not qualify for a school team may have the opportunity to participate in an after school club activity if offered. Students also have access to participation within the community.

4. This Athletic Department strives to work hand-in-hand with its student-athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators to ensure that we are all working to create an environment where our student-athletes can be successful in pursuing the school’s mission statement.  We expect this commitment from all student-athletes and their parents who wish to participate in athletics at GV Christian School.  

5. It is recognized that a well-organized and well-conducted athletic program is a potent factor in the morale of a school student body and an important phase of good community and school relations.

B.  Objectives of Participation:

1. To glorify God.

2. To develop character.

3. To develop integrity.

4. To develop accountability.

5. To develop confidence.

6. To learn to accept constructive criticism.

7. To develop team concepts and positive attitudes.

8. To develop leadership skills.

9. To develop basic skills unique to each sport

10. To encourage the development of younger athletes’ skills in the elementary, junior high, and high school levels.

11. To represent GVCS in a way that honors God.

II. General Information

A. Athletic Code

1. Definition of a Student-Athlete— A person who is proficient in academics, athletics and other forms of physical exercise. To complete the transition from student to student-athlete a student must:

a. Sign the student-athletic handbook (Document of Compliance), and abide be all of the statutes within the handbook.

b. Have their name listed on a GVCS athletic team roster (including cheerleading).

c. Turn in the completed Athletic Contract with the Athletic Registration Fee in full or an agreement of an alternative payment plan (i.e. Cheerleading plan)  to the athletic department.

d. 7th-12th Grades Only- Completed physical with authorized signature from a licensed medical professional clearing student-athlete for athletic participation throughout the eligible school year.

2. Athletics— Athletic prowess is an innate desire in many students. It is a means of satisfying their desire to exercise and compete physically. Athletics help build a strong body, mind, spirit, work ethic, and develop many desirable traits that will be a credit to a student throughout their life. Any student who competes as a member of an athletic squad must remember that he/she represents Jesus Christ and GVCS. As a representative, you must exhibit a behavior that glorifies God. No personal reward can be greater.

3. Good Sportsmanship—A school and community are frequently known by the action of their members at athletic contests. Everyone wants a winning team, but good sportsmanship and Godly character are more important. We expect our teams to always give their best, and it’s only fair to expect the same of all those who follow our teams. “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23.

a. Practice and play fairly, giving complete effort in all circumstances and credit in victory to teammates and to opponents in defeat.

b. Accept favorable and unfavorable decisions, as well as victory and defeat with equal grace.

c. Demonstrate respect for opponents and officials before, during, and after contests.

d. We do not represent the “i” team, we represent the “Jesus” Team.

4. Dress Code— Athletes are reminded that they should exemplify Christian standards in their choice of practice attire. The dress code is not intended to measure spirituality, but to serve as a tool to accomplish these specific goals:

a. Create an atmosphere free from distractions.

b. Build character that exhibits self-discipline, modesty, cleanliness, and submission.

c. Inspire the making of responsible choices.

d. The cooperation of the coach, student and the parent is necessary in maintaining the standards of the athletic dress.

e. A STUDENT’S APPEARANCE IS A FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY. Please assume this important responsibility and leave the school free to focus on its primary task; preparing the child for LIFE and ETERNITY.

f. The following items are not acceptable attire around GVCS at any time, but exceptions on some of the attire listed below can be made in closed-door practices (i.e. cheerleading):

1. Tank/spaghetti strap tops.

2. Spandex worn as an outer garment.

3. Shirts must be worn at all times.

4. Shorts less than 4 inches above the knee.

g. Some teams will have a particular dress code for game days (i.e. Uniform, Team Polo, Jacket/Sweater), thus failure to wear the proper attire could result in loss of playing time, but this is up to the coach of the program.

h. Failure to adhere to the above dress code may result in suspension from a


5. GVCS Code for Athletics— The Athlete’s responsibilities are to:

a. Know and adhere to the athletic code of the school. Represent solid Christian Character and the Love of Jesus .

b. Exceed all attendance and academic requirements as practical evidence of loyalty to school and team and proper philosophy of school sponsored athletics.

c. Observe completely all policies regarding conduct, doing so as a duty to school, team and self.

d. Counsel with the athletic director over questions of eligibility.

e. Practice and play fairly, giving complete effort in all circumstances and credit in victory to teammates and to opponents in defeat.

6. Participation in co-curricular competitive interscholastic athletics is a student’s privilege, not a right. It can be withdrawn at any time for failure to meet the standards and requirements of particular teams, leagues or conferences, and regional, state, or national organizations to which the student’s school belongs.

7. Stewardship of facilities including all GVCS facilities and any opponents’ facilities must be respected and maintained by each player. Athletes are expected to use all facilities responsibly and with care, leaving them picked up and in as good of condition as they found them. Refusal to follow this guideline may result in dismissal from a team.

B. Preseason Parent Meetings— At least one parent or guardian must attend the following meeting for his/her student-athlete to be allowed to participate on the team. The Athletic Director and/or the head coach will hold this meeting before the season begins each year to review the mission, philosophy, policies and guidelines of GV Christian School’s Athletic Program and of each particular sport. This is the time to ask questions related to playing time and coaching philosophy, to fill out the necessary medical forms, and to receive other pertinent information.  Attendance at these meetings ensures the smooth operation of the program and maximizes the potential for a positive experience for all.  Parents must attend these meetings for each sport in which an athlete participates each year. Meetings will be held within two weeks prior to the season’s start date.  These meetings are key to the success of the overall program because proper communication between our student-athletes and their parents with their coaches and athletic department only serve to enhance our program’s strength.  Parents are responsible for paying athletic fees within two weeks of the first athletic contest, unless an alternative payment plan has been approved by the Athletic Director.  

C. Policy for Team/Squad Selection

1. Philosophy— In accordance with our overall athletic philosophy and our desire to see as many student-athletes as possible participate in the athletic program while at GVCS, coaches are encouraged to keep as many student-athletes as they can “without affecting” or compromising the integrity of their sport.  Obviously time, space, facilities, personal attention, and individualized instruction, along with other factors, are necessary for team development and will affect squad size. However, when developing the individual sport policy in this area, coaches are encouraged to maximize the opportunities for our student-athletes “without diluting” the quality of their program.

2. Team Selection Policy— The coaches of the respective sports will determine minimum and maximum number of players and/or teams, taking into consideration the criteria listed above. In cases when the “Squad Selection Policy” is used, the coach will keep the athletic director informed concerning the method and time of tryouts.

3. Squad Selection Policy

a. The selection of any athletic team will be determined by the coach of that team. Membership may be reviewed by the Athletic Director or other Administrators as appropriate.

b. The athlete’s placement on any team is always subject to proper behavior as outlined in specified team guidelines.

c. Lower level Coaches shall follow the policies as established by the Head Coach of their program when selecting team members.

d. Prior to tryouts, the Coach shall provide the following information to all candidates for the team and their parents:

1. The selection procedure including timelines, the specified tryout period and criteria used to select team members.

2. The practice and game schedule commitment required of each athlete who makes the team.

e. Tryout Procedure— When a Squad cut becomes necessary, the process should

include these important elements. Each athlete should:

1. Have completed a minimum of two (2) practices specified for a tryout period.

2. Be permitted, whenever possible, to compete in a scrimmage situation.

3. Be at all tryouts or provide written permission to the coach in advance for

missing the tryout period due to extenuating circumstances such as a death in

family, unforeseen accident, or severe illness.

4. If permission is granted for an alternative tryout, the athlete must go through a similar criteria process as other team members. Athletes cannot be added after the 1st half of a season.

D. High School Eligibility— See 

E. Student Activities— There are times when students simultaneously participate in an organized sport and a performing group. Conflicts occasionally arise when practices and regularly scheduled events take place concurrently. Although every attempt will be made to keep such scheduling to a minimum, the following guidelines will be followed.

1. When an athletic practice or performance rehearsal and an event are scheduled simultaneously, the event takes precedent.

2. When two events are scheduled simultaneously, the student may select the event in which

he/she will participate. He/she should make the decision, whenever possible, at least seven

days in advance.

3. When two practices or rehearsals are scheduled simultaneously, the student may select the

event in which he/she will participate, it is required that a 48 hour notice be given to the practice/rehearsal that will not be attended.

4. Under no circumstances will a student’s class grades be lowered or unreasonable make-up work required in such a situation.  The student will not be benched, nor will the student's ability to earn a letter be impaired because of the decision, but the coach may require certain measures take place to ensure the student is prepared in a satisfactory way before entering him or her into competition.  

5. In case of a disagreement among the parties concerned, the matter should be referred to the Athletic Director first, and then if a satisfactory solution has not been obtained, the situation would then go to the administrator in charge for a solution.  Under no circumstances should a Coach assume that the student is aware of the above rule. The rule is included in the Student Athletic Handbook and should be covered with all participants. When excusing a student from practice or an event, the Coach should make it very clear to the athlete exactly what will be expected of the athlete upon their return (i.e., such as meet participation, practice, etc.)

F. Attendance

1. Participating Student Athletes must be in attendance on the day of a game or practice for at least half a day. Absences of half the school day or less must be excused absences recorded through the school office in order for an Athlete to participate that day.

2. If a student-athlete must be absent after 3rd period, arrangements must be made in advance with the office or athletic director. Participating student-athletes that are absent the day before a Saturday contest, and that absence has not been excused, will not be allowed to participate in the Saturday contest.

3. Homework - Student-athletes are not exempt from missed classwork or homework in the event that an athletic event has them absent from school.  All work must be made up and turned in.

G. Training Rules

1. Training rules are established with the thought that athletes not only represent themselves and their team, but that they represent God, Parents, School, and Community. Training rules are also established for the physical well being of the Athletes themselves in their ability to do the best they can.

2. Athletes are to refrain from the following in or out of their athletic seasons:

a. The use, possession or distribution of tobacco.

b. The use, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages.

c. The use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs.

d. The use, possession or distribution of anabolic steroids.

3. Athletes are encouraged to voluntarily report any personal infraction of the “Training Rules” to either the Athletic Director or the appropriate school principal as soon as possible. Self-disclosure must be made before an investigation of a possible infraction has begun by any of the individuals listed above.

4. An athlete who is proven guilty by admission or compelling evidence, as determined by the Athletic Director and/or principal, or who is observed in any of the above violations by a staff member of the GVCS will be subject to removal from their team.

H. Uniforms/Equipment

1. Each athlete will be responsible for turning in their uniforms/equipment to their Coach immediately after the last contest of the season, unless it has been predetermined at the start of the season that the athlete will get to keep certain uniforms/equipment.  If any uniform/equipment item is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the athlete to pay for the missing item(s).

2. The Athlete will not be allowed to participate in the next sport season if the missing equipment is not turned in and/or paid for. It is the responsibility of the Coaches to keep accurate records of their uniform/equipment through the use of a uniform/equipment check out card. Coaches will report those athletes that fail to return uniforms/equipment to the Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director. 

I. Gross Misconduct— Gross misconduct by an athlete and, or the athlete’s parent(s) will result in immediate suspension. The Athletic Director and administration will use good judgment and will consider circumstances surrounding the issues, former conduct infractions, training rule infractions and past behavioral issues.

J. Hazing or Bullying— All forms of hazing are prohibited by GV Christian School both on and off campus. Hazing is described as: forcing another person, regardless of that person’s consent, to perform an act that; creates a substantial risk of harm, substantially or seriously demeans or degrades any person; or interferes with any person’s scholastic, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well being. “Bullying” means any overt act or combination of acts directed against a student by another student or group of students and which: (A) is repeated over time;(B) is intended to ridicule, humiliate, or intimidate the student; and(C) occurs during the school day on school property, on a school bus, at a school-sponsored activity, or before or after the school day and at any school-sponsored activity.  Any student-athlete found guilty of committing any of the above acts will be removed from their team and possibly suspended from school upon discretion of administration.

K. Parent/Coach Communication— It is very difficult to accept that your child is not playing as much as you may hope. Coaches are professionals. They make judgment decisions based on what they believe to be best for all of the students involved. While there are certain things which can and should be discussed with your child’s Coach, there are other things which must be left to the discretion of the Coach.

1. Appropriate concerns to discuss with Coaches:

a. The treatment of your child mentally, physically, and spiritually.

b. Ways to help your child improve.

c. Concerns about your child’s academics/behavior/safety.

d. Clarification about the expectations of your athlete.

2. Inappropriate issues to discuss with Coaches:

a. Playing time

b. Strategy

c. Play calling

d. Matters concerning other student-athletes

3. Meeting Procedure— If you have concerns to discuss with your athlete’s Coach:

a. Your son/daughter should first talk with the Coach about his/her questions or concerns.

b. Please do not attempt to confront a Coach before, during, or after a contest or practice. This can be an emotional time for Parent, Athlete and Coach. Meetings of this nature are often not fruitful.

c. Set up an appointment with the Coach.

4. Meeting progression for concern resolution (Matthew 18 Principle):

a. Meet with the Head Coach

b. Meet with the Athletic Director

c. Meet with respective Administrator

L. Dual Sports Participation Policy (Same Season) — Students may not participate in two GV Christian sponsored sports in the same season at the high school level (cheerleading is the only exception).  A student may elect to participate in a non-school league sport as long as it does not interfere with the practice, and game time commitments to the school.  Regarding cheerleading, an approved athlete may try out for both cheerleading and volleyball and if selected for both teams, may play volleyball in the fall season and cheer for the winter season. Approval criteria are as follows: approval of the Athletic Director, both head coaches of the respective sports and the athlete’s parent must be obtained from all parties before student’s participation.  

M. Transportation Waivers

1. GV Christian policy regarding transportation states that athletes are expected to travel to and from athletic events in buses or vans when they are provided.

2. We realize that emergencies and extenuating circumstances sometimes require other arrangements. In the event those extenuating circumstances exist, a transportation waiver can be picked up at the office.

3. Students are to be picked up from games and practices in a timely manner.

N. Medical Insurance & Physical

1. It is mandatory that all Athletes have medical insurance.  The school is not responsible for payment of medical services. Information on voluntary short-term accident insurance is available from the athletic office.  

2. It is mandatory that all athletes in Jr. High/Sr. High (7th-12th) turn in a copy of an active physical from a licensed medical professional before any participation in athletics at GVCS.  

III. Athletic Participation Fee & Athletic Contract

A. Athletic Registration Fee — The athletic registration fee has been implemented by GVCS to help maintain budgetary requirements in our athletic programs. These fees will vary from sport to sport and level to level.  Fees are due and payable at the start of each sport and are non-refundable.  All payments are to be made to GVCS (through Auto-pay in RenWeb, check, or money order).  Students will not be allowed to practice or participate in contests until cleared by the GVCS Athletic Department.

B. Document of Compliance— must accompany the fee and be filled out completely, including a physical for all students. 

IV. Athletic Clearance to Participate

A. No student-athlete will be allowed to practice or participate until they have been cleared by the athletic department.

B. A pass will be issued by the School Bookkeeper to the Athletic Director verifying all fees, the athletic packet, and Document of Compliance have been completed.

V. Academic Eligibility

A. All Student-Athletes must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA (6th-12th) or they will be placed on academic review.  The review will be performed by administration, and the administration will determine if a suspension from athletics is warranted. It is crucial that all student-athletes and their parents abide by these rules, as it will ensure the overall success of our student-athletes, and the athletic department at GV Christian School.

B. Student-athletes’ grades will be checked every two weeks throughout the season.

C. If a student is failing any class at the time of a grade check, they will be placed on Academic Probation for one week.  They have one week in which to raise their failing grade to passing.  During the week of probation they may, at the Athletic Director and Coach’s discretion, continue to participate in all team practices and games.

D. If they do not raise their grade to passing in one week, they will be academically ineligible, which means they cannot play in any games and will have a weekly grade check until the grade is brought up to passing.

E. Grade checks start after the conclusion of the third week of each quarter, and then continue to occur every other week until the end of the quarter.

F. Continued poor performance in the classroom may result in removal from the team.

G. GVCS is bound by the academic eligibility guidelines for JV/Varsity Athletes as governed by the NIAA. Go to for more information.


VI. Athletic Awards & Athletic Scholarships- Any athlete that remains academically eligible throughout the athletic season at GV Christian is eligible for the following awards given out at the end of the year team party (Elementary/Jr. High) or banquet (Sr. High):

        A. Guardian Award

-This is the highest award offered for a team, as it encompasses the player that best represents the program on and off the field/court.

        B. Team MVP

        C. Most Improved

The only exception to the above statements on eligibility for athletic awards are the GV Christian Athletic Scholarship (male/female) and the Jr. High Athlete of the Year (male/female) which are given out at Honors Night, and has the following requirements for eligibility:

        A. Must have participated in at least two sports at GVCS during school year.

        B. Must have over a 3.25 GPA (weighted and unweighted) during school year (not accumulated)

        C. Must be a standout in all-things at GVCS: spiritually, academically, and athletically.

D. Must graduate from GVCS to receive any scholarship money from prior awards won while at the school.

VII. School Suspensions & In-house Suspensions - Any athlete in grades 5-12 that is suspended during the week of their sport will miss all games during the week of their suspension. This does not preclude the student-athlete from attending practices. They must be present at all practices with the exception of their suspension date. Additionally, they will not be allowed to travel with the team to any away games on the week of their suspension. This includes in-house suspensions.


VIII. Sponsorships- All outside sponsorships must not conflict with the principles of GV Christian and its Christian values.  All sponsorships will be reviewed by the athletic department, and administration to ensure that these principles are done in accordance.

A. 75% of all sponsorship money that is brought to the school goes directly to the athletic participation fees of the student-athlete that brought in the sponsorship.  

B. All sponsorship money can only be used to cover athletic fees during that fiscal school year.

C. All remaining money that is brought in will go directly to the budget of the program that the student-athlete is participating in for that fiscal school year.  

IX. Bus Transportation

The Athletic Department will provide transportation to and from the games for all athletes as deemed necessary by the Athletic Department. When bus transportation is provided, each student-athlete must ride the bus to the game. We want to always encourage team unity, which includes riding home on the bus with teammates. Parents can pick up their students at school after the game. The coaching staff asks that parents pick up all athletes within a reasonable amount of time (usually no later than 15 minutes) after practices

and games.  Additionally, due to school liability, Coaches will not release students after a game unless the Coach has been notified 48 hours in advance and the parent or guardian has secured a release form from the Athletic Department.



  1. Enter the bus in a line. Hold the handrail while going up and down the stairs.
  2. When entering the bus, go directly to a seat. Remain seated and face forward during the entire ride.
  3. Always speak quietly on the bus so the driver will not be distracted.
  4. Always be silent when a bus comes to a railroad crossing so the driver can hear if a train is coming.
  5. Never throw things on the bus or out the windows.
  6. Keep the aisles clear at all times. Feet should be directly in front of you on the floor.
  7. Never play with the emergency exits. Sports equipment should not block the aisle or emergency exits. If there is an emergency, listen to the driver and follow instructions.
  8. Hands should be kept to yourself at all times while riding on the bus.
  9. Fighting and picking on others creates a dangerous bus ride.
  10. If you leave something on the bus, never return to the bus to get it. The driver may   not see you come back and he/she may begin moving the bus.
  11. Respect the "Danger Zone" which surrounds all sides of the bus. The "Danger Zone" is ten feet wide on all sides of the bus. Always remain 10 steps away from the bus to be out of the "Danger Zone" and where the driver can see you.
  12. It is the responsibility of the Coaches, Teachers, Advisors, and Students to see that all refuse, personal belongings and equipment is removed from the bus. If the bus is not cleaned after use, your organization will be assessed a fine by the Athletic Department.

X. Document of Compliance

This page must be completed and returned to the Athletic Department before the first practice commences.

I have read and agree to abide by the guidelines set forth in the GV Christian School Athletic Policies and Procedures Handbook.


___________________________________                    _______                  ________________

Student’s Name                                                 Grade                         Sport/Sports


___________________________________                _______

Student’s Signature                                         Date


___________________________________                _______

Parent’s Name                                                 Date


___________________________________                _______

Parent’s Signature                                                 Date

Freshman and Juniors Form Only

Sophomore and Senior Form Only


Home Gym & Practice Fields:

Burkholder Park: 645 W. Victory Rd. Henderson, NV 8015 (Baseball Field)

Fox Ridge Park: 420 Valle Verde Dr.  Henderson, NV 89014 (Flag Football/Soccer Field)

Jam On It!: 2100 Olympic Ave. Henderson, NV 89014 (Basketball Courts)

Road Gyms & Competition Fields: 

Adelson School: 9700 Hillpointe Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89134

City Impact: 950 East Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89123 (IICSN Gym)

Calvary Community Center: 2900 North Torrey Pines  Las Vegas, NV 89108 (Liberty Baptist Gym)

Heinrich YMCA: 4141 Meadows Lane  Las Vegas, NV 89107 (Trinity International Gym)

Henderson International: 1165 Sandy Ridge Ave.  Henderson, NV 89052

Lake Mead Christian Academy: 540 East Lake Mead Pkwy.  Henderson, NV 89015


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Sponsor Name: __________________________________________________


Contact Name: __________________________________________________


Address:  ______________________________________________________




Phone: _____________________   Email Address:_______________________


Please make checks payable to GV Christian School

Mail sponsorship to:

GV Christian School Athletics

c/o Eric Rolwing, Athletic Director

711 Valle Verde Ct.

Henderson, NV 89014

Name of Player Sponsored: _______________________

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Sponsorship Package Level Selected:                   $__________________

White                            Blue                               Red                                Guardian

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White Package $1-$249: Official GVCS Athletics Sponsor


Blue Package $250-$499: Official GVCS Athletics Sponsor

                  -1/4 page advertisement in GVCS Yearbook


Red Package $500-$999: Official Homecoming Sponsor

-Company name will be mentioned in ALL advertisements of Homecoming

                            -All things in White and Blue Package

-1/2 page advertisement in GVCS Yearbook


Guardian Package $1000: Official Homecoming Sponsor

- Featured advertisement for Pep Rally

-Option to hold a GVCS night at the company (i.e. restaurant)

- Full page advertisement in GVCS Yearbook

-All things in other packages