Coach's Corner - Issue 5

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

"Do's and Don'ts"

This week I thought I would highlight some visible behaviour that I could see on the weekend’s game that all members will be able to learn from and think about it.

Before I go into this week’s focus, i would like to acknowledge the clubs pennant members for the outstanding start to the season. The selectors and myself have appreciated the support from players with playing for the club rather than self. We also realise the need for experience skips in div 11 to demonstrate leadership for the large number of first year bowlers to ensure their pennant experiences are a positive one early on.

I’m going to talk about behaviours and actions that I witnessed on the weekend and I’m looking forward to playing at the same venue as two other Eastern Park teams.

The first behaviour and action is the hardest to overcome and it does comes with experience.

I couldn't of been happier with my rink on the weekend- sure we lost by four but the endeavour, composure and spirit the boys demonstrated was one full of merit and class. Why? We never at one stage got frustrated, showed negative body language and always stuck together through communication between ends. We kept vocal even when the rink situation looked grim because we knew we were in the game overall. The importance of keeping positive and upbeat shone through in the end- being last on the green is a pressure situation but the positive reinforcement throughout the day breathes confidence in players. Very Proud.

I want to talk about Knuckles rink, this is a testament to the players involved. Set up beautifully from Darryl with the jack throws and also his bowls, Jayden stepped up in latter stages on the game, Senj played some huge bowls for such a small man and Knuckles lifted the 16 players at times and highlighted an opposition weakness and exposed it to get us the 10 points. Simply Brilliant!

The other two rinks i won’t get into detail because some of the players played below standard in patches and I felt the third and skip let the rinks down when needing to play weight or convert. Some of the behaviours that I would like to eliminate out of our team are:



Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush