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AA Zooka Pitching Machine: Tips and Tricks

Safety - Safety - Safety

EMERGENCY SHUTOFF - After ball is loaded hit any button to abort the pitch.



Important, Remember your ABC's:

Always Be Charging


When unit is not in use it should always be on the charger.

.....if it's fully charged, leave it on the charger.

.....if it's partially charged, leave it on the charger.

.....if it's fully discharged leave it on the charger.


Don't leave unit in the trunk of your car overnight. It won't be charged for your next game/practice. The battery life will be much shorter.


Operating the Unit




The machine should be very consistent with new baseballs and league game balls.

The scatter range will be greater, with scuffed, wet, or otherwise grungy practice balls. The ZS720 will throw from 10-50 mph

The ZS740 will throw from 10-70mph

Battery life will vary depending on pitch speed.

Unit is advertised to throw 700 pitches at 40mph (more pitches at slower speeds and less at faster speeds).


Enjoy the Machines


Be Safe.

Always be Charging (ABC).

Handle with care.