February 7, 2015

WSCA Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Jeff Demmon, Scott Muirhead, Linda Henson, Dave Hamilton

Absent: Terry Redden, Ted Sapoznik, Tom Ryan

There was discussion around the state shoot requirements letter. It was determined that we would leave it as is (except dates) and send to all the clubs with a respond date of April 30th. It was also determined that the board would solicit clubs that are capable of handling the state shoot after the letter has gone out.

Linda will send out state shoot letter to all the clubs.

Because the state shoot is earlier this year the funds for purchasing giveaways is limited. It was determined that WSCA would keep the prizes for the WSCA shoot offs (Gun, gun sleeve and shells) but would not be purchasing the leather pouches for door prizes at the Saturday evening event.

With the state shoot being early and combined with Truck Vault, WSCA is losing income from a 4 day shoot. And with the state shoot being early, the target fees from Top Gun and the other summer shoots will not be received prior to the state shoot.

It was suggested that we WSCA buys 5 entries into the 2016 state shoot for door prizes.


Jeff will check with SST to see if we can get vendors names in the program who donate items for the state shoot.

Linda will add to WSCA and FB a note to encourage folks to sign up early (by May 31st) to promote the WSCA shoot offs.

Jeff will talk to Beretta about guns and Sportco about discount for shells and waiving the FFL fee on the gun prizes.

Dave will talk to Great Lakes about the gun sleeves. He will also send Linda a list of the past state shoot winners so we can add a tab on WSCA for recognition.