Rules & Procedures


The rules are created by the program staff and are as follows:

*After hours is defined as 11PM to 7AM.

Critical -- Read this!

Rules are not subject to negotiation, change, or disobedience. Any exceptions to these rules must be authorized by the Young Leaders Superintendent. Citizens who are found to be in violation of one or more rules shall be reported to the Superintendent. The consequences for breaking a rule can lead to dismissal and being sent home.

Citizen Safety

The safety of the citizens is our top priority. As such, please carefully observe and adhere to the following rules and procedures:

Rules vs. Laws

Rules are created by Young leaders Corporation. They are designed to provide a safe, educational atmosphere for citizens and staff. They are not subject to debate or revision, and serious consequences exist for violators of the rules. Please read and carefully adhere to all rules.

Laws are created by the simulated governments at Young leaders. Breaking a law (a “crime”) subjects citizens to the consequences that exist in the law. If no law exists on a certain subject then no crime can be charged. These laws are to be created and changed by the citizens of Young leaders. The laws are considered to be organic, in a constant state of flux. Laws written during the current session of Young leaders are enacted and enforced during the next year, unless they are drafted as emergency legislation, in which case they become law immediately. Laws are discussed in detail later in the handbook.