Including Calcbench Data on your Website

Could Calcbench’s wealth of information extracted from 10-K and Qs make your site more useful?  A number of Calcbench clients present Calcbench data on their own websites to allow clients to see company financials without leaving their site.  There are a couple of ways to include Calcbench data on your site.  Please speak to us before starting an integration project,

iFrame Approach

Fast and easy.  Display “as-reported” statements and ratios calculated from Calcbench normalized data on your site.  This approach only requires adding one HTML element to your site.

Include an <iframe> tag in your HTML.  The src is a URL of the form{ticker}&stype={statementType}.  ticker is the ticker or CIK code of the company you want to retrieve data for.  statementType is one of:

        “i” -> income statement

        “b” -> balance sheet

        “c” -> statement of cash flow

        “ratios” -> Ratios computed from Calcbench’s normalized data



API Approach

Retrieve and serve Calcbench data.  All of the data on is available through our API endpoints.  Integrating with our API requires programing on your front-end and back-end, it is a substantial commitment of developer time.  The API approach gives you fine grained control over how you present the data and allows you to process the data before you display it.

The documentation for our API is @