Fall 2018

For students who declared their English major/minor BEFORE Summer 2014, the following electives in Fall 2018 will be accepted as substitutes for the surveys: ENG 251, 252, 253, 254, and 255, which are now no longer offered. If you need one of these substitutions, you must email the Acting Director of Undergraduate Studies ( to ensure that it is accepted by the Registrar and correctly entered on your record.


Substitutes for ENG 251 (British Literature I)

English 313, Arthurian Tradition

English 332, Shakespeare I

ENG 334, Milton

ENG 344, The English Novel I


Substitutes for ENG 252 (British Literature II)

ENG 346, Early-Twentieth Century British Literature

Substitutes for ENG 253 (American Literature I)


English 348, The Early Black Atlantic

English 351, Nineteenth-Century US Literature


Substitutes for ENG 254 (American Literature II)


English 353, Mid-Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature


Substitutes for ENG 255 (Global Literature)


ENG 354, African American Literature I

ENG 364, African American Literature

ENG 367, Modern Irish Literature

ENG 369 Asian American Literature*

 *(enrollment by department consent only in Fall 2018)

ENG 378, Caribbean Literature