ARG 003: Analyze Evidence in "Can Isis Be Stopped"


-Identify the main ideas and evidence of “Can Isis Be Stopped”

The Plan:

We’re going to be writing what hundreds of professional journalists are writing about: ISIS. Can they be stopped? If yes, how? If not, why not?

To do this, we’re first going to analyze the article “Can ISIS Be Stopped” and gather all the facts we can from it.  We’ll then use all these facts as evidence in our arguments, which will be ARG 004 in another document.

Can ISIS Be Stopped?

Opening Six Paragraphs

  • Nearly 400 people killed in terrorist attacks this fall
  • Russian passenger jet blown up
  • suicide bombers in Beirut--deadliest attack in 25 years                
  • Paris explosions and terrorist attacks

-Killed 14 in SanBernadino, CA

-ISIS has taken over large parts of Iraq and Syria

  • 17 countries met to talk about efforts
  • ISIS wants to create their own country
  • President Obama vows to fight back.

Executions & Beheadings

  • ISIS is attracting lots of people; 250 Americans out of 4000 recruits

-Russia & US, Saudi Arabia & Iran are rivals and must get along to defeat ISIS

  • 2011 Syria Civil War -- ISIS recruiting more people because of it
  • religious problems and conflicts in Middle East makes people want to join ISIS
  • beheadings and executions have made ISIS powerful!!
  • Sunni Muslims follow ISIS
  • Dec 2013 ISIS gained more territory in Iraq--size of Great Britain
  • ISIS has won lots of victories and taking more territory--attracting people
  • ISIS stole $425 million from bank

-ISIS acting very organized - making money,-kidnapping, ransoms

8000 Airstrikes

-Obama refused to send ground troops to Syria

-Obama did send 8,000 airstrikes from US

-Obama wanted to contain ISIS with airstrikes

-Rubio wants US & nations to send ground troops

-Rubio: “We will only be able to protect our people at home if we defeat ISIS abroad.”

-Countries in Vienna want to defeat ISIS but they can’t agree how to do it

-”Our goal is not to deter or contain ISIS. Our goal is to defeat and destroy ISIS.” -Hillary Clinton

-US blames former Syrian president Assad for killing and and hurting Syrians

-Iran & Russia want Assad back as Syrian President; US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia hate Assad. They can’t agree who should be president if ISIS is moved out of Syrian power.

-G. Wood says we could win in battle b/c we have better technology & weapons, but in long run there will still be problems

-Beating ISIS could also generate more sympathy for Islam and create more interest in terrorist groups

A Long Road Ahead

-Most experts agree that ISIS can’t be beat with just armies

-Gen. Joseph Dunford: Must cut off funding for ISIS and create stable government in the Middle East

-Ending terrorism is going to take more than what we’re doing now-It takes more than talk

-”The terrible people who created Al Qaeda and ISIS did not come out of a vacuum”- they’re joining b/c they don’t have jobs, they’re persecuted by police and for their religion

-US Airstrikes have allowed rebels to gain ground back from ISIS

-”Their movements came as a consequence of decades and decades of odinary people … being subjected to mistreatement by their own societies.”

  • If we defeat ISIS, more people will join ISIS because they’re mad and it mayc ause more people to be sympathetic to ISIS

-US has bombed oil trucks to cut off ISIS funding.

  • Obama sending special forces to direct air strikes and assist Iraqis