ICS Calendar Title: Political Theology and the Secular State

ICS Course Code: ICS 151309/251309 S16

Instructor: Dr. Jonathan Chaplin

Term and Year: June 20 - July 1, 2016. [On-Campus Summer Intensive]

Last Updated: February 17, 2016. Note: This is not the final version

1. Course Description

2. Reading Schedule

3. Course Learning Goals

4. Course Requirements and Description and Weighting of Elements to be Evaluated

5. Required Readings

6. Some Recommended Readings

1. Course Description

‘God is back’, on the streets of a liberal democracy neary you. But the return of public religion - its ‘de-privatisation’ - is generating deep anxieties among secularists who have long assumed that liberal democracy presupposes a ‘secular state’ and a religion-free public realm. Christians, too, are scrambling to make sense of the new but shifting spaces opening up for their own faith-based political engagement. Drawing on salient insights of contemporary political theology, the course will confront the challenges to, and opportunities for, the secular state presented by the resurgence of public religion in liberal democracies. It explores various concepts of ‘secularism’, ‘secularization’, ‘the secular’ and the ‘post-secular’, probes the nature and legitimacy of religious public reasoning, and reflects on the shape of constructive and critical religious citizenship in contemporary liberal states.

2. Reading Schedule

Sample Course Outline

Session 1:

Introduction: Setting the stage

J. Chaplin, Talking God, Introduction and ch. 1 (15 pp.)

J. Maclure & C. Taylor, Secularism and Freedom of Conscience, Introduction + chs. 1-4 (37 pp.)

Session 2:

Secularism, Secularization and the Secular State I

C. Calhoun et al eds., Rethinking Secularism, pp. 3-20 + chs. 1, 2 (62 pp.)

Session 3:

Secularism, Secularization and the Secular State II

C. Calhoun et al eds., Rethinking Secularism, chs. 4,5 (45 pp.)

R. Williams, Faith in the Public Square, ch. 1 (11 pp.)

Session 4:

Theology and the Secular State I

R. Williams, Faith in the Public Square, chs. 2-4, 6, 10 (58 pp.)

Session 5:

Theology and the Secular State II

N. Wolterstorff, The Mighty and the Almighty, Introduction, 8, 11, 13, 14 (70 pp.)

Session 6:

Theology and the Secular State III

D. Farrow, Desiring a Better Country, chs. 1, 3, 5 (65 pp.)

OR (subject to student preferences):

W. Cavanaugh, Theopolitical Imagination, ch. 2 (44 pp.)

W. Cavanaugh, Migrations of the Holy, ch. 2 (22 pp.)

Session 7:

Religious Citizenship and the Liberal State: Deliberation I

C. Calhoun et al eds., Rethinking Secularism, ch. 3 (15 pp.)

N. Biggar, ‘“God” in Public Reason’ (12 pp.)

J. Chaplin, Talking God, chs. 2, 3 (17 pp.)

Session 8:

Religious Citizenship and the Liberal State: Deliberation II

J. Habermas, ‘Religion in the Public Sphere’ (25 pp.)

R. Williams, Faith in the Public Square, ch. 12 (11 pp.) (or student’s choice of chapter)

J. Chaplin, ‘Religion, Law and Public Reasoning’ (18 pp.)

Session 9:

Religious Citizenship and the Liberal State: Participation

R. Williams, Faith in the Public Square, chs. 12, 24 (20 pp.)

A. March, ‘Theocrats Living under Secular Law: An External Engagement with Islamic Legal Theory’. (23 pp)

J. Chaplin, ‘Rejecting Neutrality, Respecting Diversity: From “Liberal Pluralism” to “Christian Pluralism”’. (22 pp.)

Session 10:

Religious Citizenship and the Liberal State: Accommodation

L. Barnett, J. Nicol and J. Walker, ‘An Examination of the Duty to Accommodate in the Canadian Human Rights Context’. (11 pp.)

J. Maclure & C. Taylor, Secularism and Freedom of Conscience, chs 7-11 + Conclusion (55 pp.)

D. Farrow, Desiring a Better Country, ch. 4 (15 pp.)

3. Course Learning Goals

Students will be able to:

  1. Explain the meaning of key factors in the ‘return of public religion’ in liberal democratic states in order to assess its consequences and significance
  2. Distinguish and critically assess the main senses of ‘secular’ and its cognates in order to make sense of and contribute to debates about religion and the liberal state
  3. Articulate key theo-political principles that might inform constructive Christian political reasoning and action in contemporary and emerging liberal democracies

4. Course Requirements and Description and Weighting of Elements to be Evaluated

  1. Weekly reading (# of pages):  average of 60pp per week = 600pp.
  2. In-seminar leadership: 2 x 500-word commentary/reflection on an allocated reading
  3. Description of course project:  If research paper, 3000-4000 word paper based on 850 pages of research
  4. Description and weighting of elements to be evaluated:

                i. Class participation:   20%

                      ii.  In-Seminar Leadership:  30%

                     iii.  Research Project/Paper:  50%

5. Required Readings

Barnett, Laura, Julia Nicol and Julian Walker, ‘An Examination of the Duty to Accommodate in the Canadian Human Rights Context’, Background Paper, Library of Parliament. Publication No. 2012-01-E (10 January 2012). (UofT Libraries e-resource: http://go.utlib.ca/cat/9038223 or http://go.utlib.ca/cat/9366987)

Biggar, Nigel, “‘God” in Public Reason,’ Studies in Christian Ethics 19.1 (2006), 9-20. (UofT Libraries e-resource: http://go.utlib.ca/cat/7757666 ; Knox, Trinity: PER)

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Canavaugh, William, Migrations of the Holy: God, State, and the Political Meaning of the Church (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 2011), ch. 2. (Robarts, Regis, Trinity: BV 630.3 .C39 2011)

Canavaugh, William, Theopolitical Imagination (London: T & T Clark, 2002), ch. 2. (Robarts, Trinity: BX 1793 .C38)

Chaplin, Jonathan, ‘Law, Religion, and Public Reasoning,’ Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 2.1 (2012), 319-337. (UofT Libraries e-resource: http://go.utlib.ca/cat/9935447)

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Wolterstorff, Nicholas, The Mighty and the Almighty: An Essay in Political Theology (Cambridge: University Press, 2012). (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: BT 83.59 .W65 2012 ; UofT Libraries e-resource: http://go.utlib.ca/cat/8604556 ; Robarts, Trinity, Victoria: BT 83.59 .W65 2012)

6. Some Recommended Readings

Adhar, Rex and Ian Leigh, Religious Freedom in the Liberal State. 2nd ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013). (UofT Libraries e-resource: http://go.utlib.ca/cat/9987045 ; Robarts: K3280 .A36 2013Y).

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Students with diverse learning styles and needs are welcome in this course. In particular, if you have a disability/health consideration that may require accommodations, please feel free to approach me and/or Student Services as soon as possible.

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