Venice Population Widget

This widget displays the current population of Venice, which is continuously declining.  The population is taken from the City of Venice’s interactive population map on a daily basis.  

Credits:  This widget was produced in 2013 by the WPI Venice Project Center 25th Anniversary Team:  Dylan Kirby, Will Richtmeyer, Kristen Brann, Greg Giola

Data Source:  City of Venice, Portale dei Servizi, Mappa della popolazione residente al giorno precedente

Technical details:  The population for the Centro Storico of Venice is derived from the Venice Population Map, by programmatically selecting the QUARTIERE level (Livello), and then virtually clicking on the 2 Quartieri that make up the historical center of Venice.  Once the selection is made, our program simulates a click on the left sidebar menu entitled POPOLAZIONE PER SESSO, at which point we scrape the  bottom right cell in the pop-up table as shown below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 3.38.08 PM.png

A Venice Project Center 25th Anniversary Project.