Title: Community Engagement Chair

Role Description:

The Community Engagement chair will serve as the primary liaison to the Office of Community and University Engagement on all community service initiatives, ensuring alignment and consistency across the program. The Community Engagement chair will assist with communicating to the student-athlete body while helping to increase overall participation and accountability in community service events and opportunities. He/she is responsible for creating connections with central campus organizations, developing a criteria that aligns with SAAC and Michigan Athletics. In addition to maintaining an open line of communication between the athletic department and student-athletes, the chair will also oversee the Mock Rock lead and his/her’s team and budget. He/She will be responsible for ensuring that this committee uses any and all resources available to them for the advancement of the community service program.


  1. Current student-athlete
  2. Current SAAC rep for at least a year
  3. Passion for community engagement and student-athlete development
  4. Possesses creativity skills to generate new community engagement ideas
  5. Able to work on multiple projects at once
  6. Capable of interacting with a diverse range of people


  1. Draft weekly or bi-weekly team community service updates that general assembly members will be responsible for sharing with their respective teams, ensuring alignment with OCUE messaging.
  2. Prompt communication via email
  3. Understanding mission of SAAC, Office and Community and University Engagement and Athletic Department
  4. Motivate, market and positively influence student-athletes to get involved
  5. Willingness to build relationships with central campus organizations

Time Commitment:

The Community Service Chair can expect to work 2-4 hours a week (minimum). This includes the following:


The Community Service Chair will gain experience working with outside  organizations while also marketing  opportunities and events to potential student-athlete volunteers for participation. They will hone their event planning and organizational skills as they coordinate and participate in a variety of community service events (in collaboration with SAAC and the Office of Community and University Engagement). They will also have an opportunity to network with people across campus, city and state while understanding NCAA and Michigan athletics compliance guidelines. In addition, the chair will work with a diverse range of Michigan Athletic department administration, staff and coaches.