Here are our current Fundraisers:

Spring Fling Dinner & Silent Auction Fundraiser!!!

Vesy’s Bulbs and Seeds

Spring Children Children’s Store

Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser for PCH

Poinsettia Fundraiser

Spring Fling Dinner & Silent Auction Fundraiser!!!

Perth Children's House Spring Fling fundraising dinner will be March 24, 2018 at Slackoni’s Parkside Bistro at the Best Western Plus in Perth.  More specific details will follow closer to that time.  The Spring Fling is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  All moneys raised at our fundraising events are used to offset our operational costs, purchase classroom materials, improve our outdoor play area and increase the variety and quality of educational programs we are able to offer.  As a parent run school we are always trying to keep costs down, while providing an outstanding program, and The Annual Spring Fling helps significantly in this role.

Dinner Tickets prices will be $40 per person.  Please feel free to bring family, friends or anyone else interested as well.  To purchase tickets or for any questions about donations or donation ideas please contact us at

Please check out our Facebook Event Page

Vesy’s Bulbs and Seeds

We are selling fall bulbs and seeds from Vesey's Bulbs.  Vesey is a terrific company and their fundraising program is simple, letting us keep 50% of all sales! They also guarantee all their products and for every $150 raised, they give us 15 daffodil bulbs...perhaps for our children to plant in our school's backyard!

Since we all garden, why not add a few beautiful and perhaps new, flowers to our landscaping by buying some bulbs / seeds from our fundraising catalog?!  Choices are very affordable and include a range of beautiful options - which will only serve to complement the simplest of gardens!

In order for us to receive our products, Fundraising must send in all orders at least one week before shipping, which means that our order deadline will be short - Monday October 2nd.

All orders must include cheques payable to Perth Children's House.

Once all orders are in, I will compile them on a master order form.  Our order will be processed as soon as they receive it, so we should receive it shortly afterwards.  I will let you know of a time, day and location for order pickup.

Let's make this fundraising campaign a great success by sharing the catalog with our friends, families and neighbors...our gardens will surely thank us!

Spring Children Children’s Store

We are continuing our partnership with Spring Children in Perth:

Drop-Off & Selection Process

PCH Families can drop off freshly laundered & stain-free items for consignment at any time during store hours! Spring Children will select the items they believe will appeal to their customers; sometimes there will be items they cannot accept which they will donate to a local charity. Please bring no more than 50 items per drop-off to allow Spring Children time to get items tagged, priced and displayed in a timely manner.

Pricing & Pay-outs

PCH receives 50% of the selling price on each of PCH Family donated items.

Displaying & Accountability

Donated items will be displayed for 3 months. After the 3 month period, any unsold items will become property of Spring Children and donated to a local charity.

Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser for PCH

Mabels Labels

We are registered with Mabel’s Labels, home of the award-winning creators of durable “labels for the stuff kids lose!”

Supporters can purchase offers through our Fundraising Campaign and a portion will go back to PCH for each offer purchased from our Campaign page. There are two offers available on Mabel's Labels Fundraising:

1. Supporters can purchase a $50 eGift Card and $10 (20%) will be raised for PCH!

2. Supporters can link up to from our Campaign page, and 20% of supports total shopping order will be raised for PCH!

Please send the Campaign page link to all PCH supporters (family, friends, coworkers, etc.) and they can shop from there!

Poinsettia Fundraiser

PCH will be selling locally grown, pesticide-free Poinsettias from Hillside Gardens in Perth, just in time for Christmas giving. Poinsettias come in red or multi-colored options, are of high quality, full, bright and long-lasting. Always a great gift idea for family members, office staff, music teachers, clients, hairstylists or anyone else on your gift list.


Pick up will be determined in November.  To order, please complete the forms which were provided in email and at the school or download a new one here: