CurateND Initial Account Setup

To set up your CurateND account for the first time please follow this method.

1. Open any web browser and navigate to


2. Select the login_button_yellow.pngbutton in the upper right region of the masthead.  You will be redirected to Central Authentication Services(CAS).

3. Please enter your NetId and password and select the login button.


4. Upon authentication, you will be directed to the CurateND Terms of Use page.  Please read the terms and select the TOU_Agree.png button when finished.

5. Enter your preferred account information on the Account Details page.


6. Select the update_account_btn.png button when finished entering your preferred information.

7. Upon completion of the Account Details, a message will appear in green underneath the masthead indicating that your account was updated successfully.


8. Search and explore!