Parent Undertaking (Chromebook)    

General Instructions:

  1. It is mandatory for all students to purchase Chromebook immediately after joining school and carry Chromebook to school from the first day. Any student without a Chromebook will be put on detention until they bring the Chromebook. In case student have purchased it but it is taking time so they are required to produce any proof of purchase e.g. receipt of purchase, email or note from the vendor. After submitting the proof they will be exempted from detention.
  2. Students and parents are expected to abide by the guidelines and terms listed in this policy as well as all IT-related policies of the school.
  3. Guidelines for safety, care, and appropriate usage have also been given. By signing this undertaking, parents and students both agree to abide by the same.

Consequences for students not carrying CB to school:

Chromebook issue - data from IT team The standard policy is that if the student does not have CB, he/she should be sent down for detention, whether its a regular class or assessment If student has placed order for purchasing, or if CB is given for service/repair - the student should have the slip from IT dept. In this case, he/she will be allowed to borrow CB. For assessments planned well in advance and if the students are notified - the student should borrow beforehand, last minute borrowing should not be allowed, Only in case of MYP, when there is a formative, which is not informed in advance and if the student holds the slip, he/she may be allowed to borrow from another section.

Chromebook issue


If a student forgot to bring CB, not charged etc

Send down to POs for detention

If purchased, but delivery not received and not given CB from school due to unavailability

can borrow provided has a slip from IT dept, teachers can also check the sheet on curricle

If given for repair/servicing, and not given CB from school due to unavailability

can borrow provided has a slip from IT dept, teachers can also check the sheet on curricle

For planned assessments notified beforehand, and does not have CB due to unavailability

Should borrow beforehand, last minute borrowing should not be allowed as it will disturb other classes

For surprise assessments, not informed beforehand

can borrow provided has a slip from IT dept, teachers can also check the sheet on curricle

For classroom learning engagements, does not have CB due to unavailability

Borrowing not allowed, but no detention as the school has not provided CB

Guidelines for Safety:

Loss/Damage/ Theft: 


Protecting your Account 


Financial & Legal: All financial and legal issues or concerns that might arise due to usage or possession of the        Chromebook in school or at home are a liability of the parents and the school has no role to play in it.

Guidelines for Chromebook Care: 

Protection and care

Cleaning your Chromebook 

Powering your Chromebook 


Guidelines for Acceptable Usage: 

Essential agreements for usage in school:

Essential agreements for usage at home:

Essential agreements for usage in School Bus:

Students are fully responsible for their devices in the bus:

Students are always expected to follow these guidelines:



  • Wear earphones if you listen to music
  • Follow all the rules - routines and procedures of the bus - wearing seat belts, not standing, not shouting or passing comments etc.
  • Take responsibility of your device
  • The IT devices should be used in senior school routes only.
  • Students are allowed to play games.
  • Students may do their assignments / homework and read books on their devices.
  • Don’t play music / audio using the device speakers. Don’t use earphones with loud music that’s audible to your neighbours.
  • Avoid passing the devices in the bus.
  • Student cannot use their devices if they come early or leave early for any reason whatsoever.
  • Students should not use devices for copying  homework/assignments from each other.
  • Students should not view objectionable content (including videos, photos etc).
  • Students should not be using pen drive/hard drive or any external storage device for transfer of data.

Procedures: Apart from the above mentioned guidelines, the students are also expected to follow the following procedures to ensure safety of their devices in bus:

Other Important Guidelines:

Maintaining a safe environment/Social Networking:

The internet is a fantastic learning tool and enables access to information that supports all areas of the school curriculum. However, it can be a real time waster if misused.

Without considering the consequences, children sometimes post private information about themselves online. This can include their name or address, photographs, a mobile phone number, their school name and details of their friends or families.

Parents can:

Social networking happens on a variety of services like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Google and Twitter. These websites allow users to create profiles, communicate with others and form networks of friends.

Parents can:

• Set house rules about when children can give out or share personal information such as name, address or mobile number

• Advise children to set profiles to private so that only people they want to see it can

• Encourage children to think before they put anything online. Information posted online can be there indefinitely

• Encourage children to be careful when making new friends online— they might not be who they say they are—and never arrange to meet an online friend unless a trusted adult is with them

• Report abuse or inappropriate content to the website administrator and show children how to do this using the internet safely at home.

Annexure - 1


I <Student Name> am receiving device with:

Serial No.:

Device Type:

Acceptable Use Agreement

Student Agreement

Rules and regulations are necessary in order to offer technology opportunities to the students.  In order to use technology resources, I agree to abide by the Fountainhead School acceptable use policy guidelines as stated in this document.

Student Name:

Grade, Section:

Student Signature:__________________________  Date:_____________________

Parent/Guardian Agreement

I hereby absolve the Fountainhead School from any and all claims of any nature arising from my child’s use or inability to use the Chromebook.

Parent Signature:___________________________  Date:_____________________

Undertaking is available on the school website at :

Fountainhead School Parent Undertaking (Chromebook) - updated August 2017