Self-Reflection on Writing



This form of writing has always been the most difficult for me.  I prefer to write more structured pieces or pieces that serve a purpose.  As I write poems, I think I sound silly because it is not the way I talk.  I love reading it and I think it is beautiful.  After this course, I feel comfortable writing poetry it there is a format to follow.  The one I enjoyed the most was the “Bio Poem”.  


It was fun to write the expressive pieces.  I felt like our class collaborated and learned from each other on these projects.  I also enjoyed the technology we used with these projects.  When I am able to write the way I talk and to an audience I know, l feel more comfortable about my writing.  I love letting my mind come down onto the paper and then going back rather than struggling to get anything down.


The expository was a challenge because I have not written like that since college.  I had to go back and think about my language and how to tie in research and current trends in society.  I liked that it was more than just a research project.  We were able to add in our opinions as well as write in a scholarly tone.  After I got a good start, I really enjoyed writing the informal essay.  Researching the site was also fun and I feel like it is good to write like that often so I don’t lose that ability.  This type of writing is much easier what it is practiced frequently.