And then There were Two

The sewers smelled bad, but it was worth the prize. Drake Whitman crawled through pipes in his black and green cloak now called the Seagreed. It was hard, but with a hacksaw, he managed to cut through the piping that lead to the Bank of Malbonia’s bathroom’s it was past midnight and the guard was busy playing with some stray alley cat. He unlocked the bathroom door and crouched behind the bank teller’s cubicle. He snuck into the next room, there were cameras, but, Drake managed to hack into the security so that played last night’s blank footage again and the cameras were disabled. As he walked toward a vault door, footsteps aproached behind him. He froze. The footsteps went past him towards somewhere else. He disarmed the alarm and poured liquid iron into the vault chamber’s key lock to create. He waited it too cool down, but the key proved useless because the heat from the molten iron melted the gears and the door swung open. There, in front of him, the… the next vault door.

After he managed to get past the 4 vault key doors and 3 laser protected code doors in front of him there it was. The Banana.

        The Banana was a state of the art 24 karat gold bar that was made by special tools and high-tech scientists as 24 karat gold is not able to retain its shape in large shapes. The compression ended up shaping the gold with the distinct shape of a banana therefore giving the banana its name . It was wanted to be made by a scientist named Czarski Vladimir, a name that sounded vaguely familiar to the Drake.

        It had been nearly two years since the day that the idiot detective agency he used to work for forgot about him. He hadn’t even been provided with a proper search and rescue team much less the 30k check he was meant to be given. Inspired by a strand of seaweed stuck to his shoe, Drake had changed, for the worse. He had found records similar to his previous case of missing banana shipments enroute to several other countries. The missing shipments were dismissed as a simple location misplacement. But, Drake discovered after futher deductive reasoning that there was a whole species of giant jelly narwhals.

        In his previous case he had discovered that a narwhal, made of jelly and 6 feet tall when completely flat on its stomach, had been the cause for a supposed missing person case.

        He grabbed the glass case with his gloves and  climbed up the rope that he placed earlier to the open skylight and climbed up the top. Flashing red and blue lights were everywhere a spotlight was on him from a nearby building yet everything was eerily silent. Then it dawned on him that the person who possessed those footsteps he’d heard had probably activated Malbonia’s famous Silent Operating SoundAlarm© SOS.”Of course, they’d be up to their childish tricks.Tsk tsk tsk.” Whitman chuckled to himself. He donned his black coat and leaped off the backside of the building.