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Fort Assiniboine School


September 2015

Teacher: Colleen Kiselyk

Welcome to Kindergarten!  I look forward to working with each one of you over the year.  As you will soon observe when you come to visit our Kindergarten class, it is a room full of activities.  Through these activities the children become directly involved in experimentation and play.  Play is the central focus of an Early Childhood classroom.  Play is the way by which children learn.  It is their work, their accomplishments, and their pride.

Agenda/Student Planner

You will notice that your child has received a school planner.  This will be used as a daily communication tool and a way for your child to practice their budding reading/printing skills.  Your child will be helping to write a message in the agenda each Kindergarten day and then it will be taken home each night to review with you.  Please sign the agenda and send it back on the next Kindergarten day.  Space is provided for you to write comments, questions or concerns, as well as to inform me of any pertinent information.


Parent Volunteers

I welcome parents to help in the classroom. I ask that parents do not bring younger siblings when helping out in the Kindergarten class as this can be a distraction.  Please speak to me if you are able to help out or share your hobbies, skills or interests in any way, even in other classes.  The school has a Volunteer form that is to be completed for those helping out in the school.


Milk is available for purchase for lunch through the school.  It is $1.25/carton of milk.  You may purchase a punch card of ten for $12.50 or send $1.25 in the morning for that day.  Payment can also be made online through our school webpage ( and choose the School Cash Online option.


Please send a nutritious morning snack that is packed separately from your child’s lunch kit and is labeled with your child’s name. Please do not send candy, chips, pop or “Gatorade” type drinks to school.  Every morning your child will put their morning snack in a “snack box” and will put their lunch kit in their designated shelf area.  Families have been creative and used pencil cases or Tupperware type containers to hold their child’s snack.  Whatever you choose, PLEASE LABEL IT WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME.


In our Kindergarten class we celebrate each child’s birthday with a crown.  The birthday child is also invited to bring a snack to share with the class on their special day.  Of course, sending a snack for the class is optional.  Please let me know if you would like to do this. The birthday child will also be recognized in the monthly school wide assembly.

Mail Envelope

Each student has been given a blue mail envelope which can be used for carrying the planner, paintings, important news, treasures, etc. to and from school.  Please ensure that the envelope is in their bag every day and that any notes from you or milk money be placed in the envelope. I will check these each Kindergarten day.  Students will be given only one envelope for the school year and, if lost or destroyed, you will need to purchase a new one for them. Please help your child learn responsibility by using the envelope with respect.

Show and Share

Show and Share begins on Tuesday, September 8.  I will be including a calendar that shows when your child is scheduled to present.  Students will “Show” what they have learned in class (ie: say the Alphabet, count) and then they will “Share” with the class what they have brought that day.  Show and Share will often follow our monthly classroom themes.  September’s theme is: All About Me.  I would encourage that your child bring something that reflects their individuality: a favorite toy, book or game, a picture of your child doing an activity that they enjoy, etc.

Special Activities

We visit the library every Thursday.  The Kindergarten students are encouraged to take home two books at a time.  They are not permitted to sign out any more books until the ones they have out are returned.  I would encourage you to use the cloth bag for the library books.  If the books are kept in here at school and at home, the chance of losing books is decreased and the books are protected.  On Tuesdays, we will be meeting with the Grade 3/4 class to read together and do activities.  Also, Mr. Wyman will be teaching our class Physical Education every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Class Parties

Throughout the year we will have four class parties.  These will be Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.  I will have a sign up sheet available at the Open House on September 17 where you can volunteer to provide a  snack for one of the parties.  Please sign up to participate to help with at least one of these events.

Scholastic Book Orders

I will be sending home Scholastic Book orders every month.  If making a purchase, please cash or cheques made out to “Scholastic Canada Ltd.”  The first book order will be due on September 15.  

Program Assistant

Our class is very fortunate to have Ms. Heidi Wegner helping us every Kindergarten day.  She is a caring and friendly face in our room.

Field Trips

A permission form is being sent home to cover any field trips throughout the entire year that are local and can be walked to and from. Any trips that require bussing or other transport will have a separate permission form.  I am always looking for new ideas.  If you know of a LOCAL site that would be worthwhile visiting, please let us know.  

Important Dates

Open House on Thursday, September 17 at 5pm.  Please bring your family and join us for burgers and a visit.

Terry Fox Run - September 24 at 11:00am.

School Council meets on September 29 at 6:30pm.


Don’t forget to visit our school website frequently at  Through our website, you can keep up to date on all the events happening in and around our school.  You are also able to pay for school fees, milk cards, field trips, etc. through the School Cash Online link under the Parent Tab.  Check out our live Twitter feed, as well, to get a glimpse of what is happening inside and outside our classrooms on a daily basis.


Please make sure that your child has a backpack large enough to carry their lunch, planner and envelope, as well as extras such as winter clothing.  Your child will need a pair of indoor shoes to keep at school.  I recognize that you may have already purchased shoes, but, if not, please buy shoes with Velcro closures unless your child can tie their laces.  Please label EVERYTHING including footwear (inside and out).

If you have any questions throughout the year, please call me at home or at the school.  Do not wait until a school conference to address a problem or concern.  The more we talk, the better it will be for your child. I look forward to working with each one of you to provide the best first year of school possible for your child!!


Colleen Kiselyk

Home: 780-674-9477  School: 780-584-3751