234. Going around towns 2

When we finished going around the places I could go, I was pondering about what to do for the time being―

「Hey, onii-san.」

Mai-san tugged at my clothes.

「What is it, Mai-san?」

「Is Ojii-san’s place alright?」

「Ojii-san’s place?

 Ah, the demon town, huh.」


It doesn’t mean that it’s already fine since it was attacked once.

We decided to go to the demon town.


「Seiji-dono, it’s good that you came.」

Mai-san’s worry seemed to have proven right,

the demon town was under attack of monsters.

「Bunmi-san, are you alright?」

「These monsters are stronger than the last time, it’s shameful to say, but we are having a slightly hard time.」

「What of the Demon Lord, and the Previous Demon Lord?」

「They have already made preparations to fight soon.」

The situation is as such, huh!

「Onii-san, I will stay here.」

「B-, But…...」

「You will come to help if the situation becomes dangerous, right?」

「Mai-san, since I haven’t put a tracking beacon on you, I can’t sense if you’re in danger.」

「Then put a tracking beacon on me, and go.」

「Is it fine?」

「I-, I’ll endure it.」

It can’t be helped if Mai-san says so.

I-, I’m not particularly thinking of peeping on a little girl as much as I like, okay!!?

I put on a【Tracking beacon】on Mai-san while she closed her eyes to endure the injection.

Since there was no tracking beacon that could be removed anymore,

I unwillingly removed Azide-san’s beacon.
Sorry, Azide-san.

「Hm? It’s already done?」

「The beacon has been installed, you know?

 It didn’t feel unpleasant like【Appraisal】?」

「Un, not at all.」

What’s that? I thought she will be more embarrassed, but…...

I-, I don’t particularly want to see a little girl feeling embarrassed, okay!!?

「Elena, can you use that magic?」

「Please give me a bit more Japanese sweets.」


I took out the last Japanese sweets from the inventory and had Elena to eat them.

「Seiji-dono, Elena-san, what are you trying to do by eating that much?」

「We’re going set up a  magic on the entire town.

 Please watch, it’s an amazing magic~.」


Elena prepared to use the staff while having some bean jam smeared around her mouth.

「Here it goes!」

Light starts to pour out from the staff, and wraps up the entire town.

The demon soldiers were a little surprised,

but in fact, it was in the monsters’ direction that there was a change.

The monsters seem to hate the【Divine protection of Recovery spirit】and aren’t going inside.

「Elena, the monsters seem to hate it, but why is that?」

「The Recovery spirit seems to be tickling the monsters who went inside.」

They hate getting tickled, huh!?

If done, it’s simply a hateful attack!

Looking at the behaviour of the monsters, the demon soldiers completely became on the offensive.

「Thank you, Elena-san.

 It seems we can now repel the monsters with this.」

「You’re welcome.」

With her magic power exhausted, Elena seemed to be having a tough time while saying so.

「Bunmi-san, please treat Mai-san well, okay?」

「Since she’s the Previous Demon Lord’s grandchild, I will protect her even if I have to exchange this body!」

「Mai-san, please don’t overwork yourself.」


As Mai-san said so―

she plunged into the horde of monsters.

…...did you not hear to what I’ve said?

Now then, let’s check up on Lela’s situation again.


「How’s the situation, Lela?」

「Seiji! So you’ve come!

 But the enemies are weak, and Elena-sama’s magic is also effective,

 it seems to be alright for the time being.」

「Is that so, that’s good.

 By the way, what of the『Royal capital』’s side?

 Did you receive a message after that?」

「『Royal capital』?


 I left the twin-magic-stone magic tool in the mansion…...」

Oi, oi. You’re panicking too much, you know?

What will you do if there’s a message coming from the Royal Capital?

It has no answering machine function or something like that.

I had Lela to order her subordinate to get it.。

「What? If it’s such enemy, otou-sama will be able to handle it with room to spare.」

Lela’s image for Lyle Gewalt is a strong father.

Even though Lela is already stronger than him......

I checked up on each town's situation for the time being.

Elena ate all the Japanese sweets and was trying to recover her magic power while licking a candy.

There seems to be no problem in the towns for now.

When I was feeling relief, Lela’s subordinate brought the twin-magic-stone magic tool.

「Sorry for troubling you.」

Lela received it from her subordinate, and made a call with Lyle Gewalt.

「Otou-sama, how’s the situation of the Royal Capital?」


There’s no response.



It’s no good, there’s no response at all……

What on earth is the matter?

「W-, W-, W-, What to do? There’s no response coming from otou-sama!」

「Calm down, Lela.」

It can’t be helped, let’s try to go and see the situation.

「Elena, let’s go and see the situation of the Royal capital.」


「Seiji, I will rely on you.」

Lela clung onto me with an expression that seemed to be on the verge of crying.

「Leave it to me.

 Don’t worry, he probably went into the toilet or something.」

At any rate, the devil-kin unexpectedly came out with such a large-scale mobilisation…...

However, where did Yurie-san go……?

Although I came here to search for Yurie-san, I don’t have time for it anymore.

We parted with Lela,

and went directly to the Royal Capital.