201 Tennessee Street, Morganton, NC



Book Bag, Pencils, Pencil Box, Crayons ( 16 Count)

Scissors ,Glue Sticks,

2 Binders (3-ring, 1 inch wide)

Hand Sanitizer,Disinfectant Wipes,

Kleenex, Paper Towels, Ziploc Baggies ( 1 gallon and sandwich size)

1st Grade

Book Bag, Pencils & Chunky Erasers

Scissors & Glue Sticks, Crayons & Pencil Box

2 Composition Books, 2 Pocket Folders & 1 pack of Computer Paper

1 Binder/Notebook (3-ring, 1 inch size with pockets)

$3 to make tie dye shirts for field trips

Headphones - (earbuds don’t work well with 1st graders)

Kleenex, Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

Ziploc Baggies (quart or gallon sizes)

2nd Grade

#2 pencils, small pencil box

1 pack pink erasers or pencil top erasers

6 glue sticks, Scissors, 2 packs crayons

Backpack,1 colorful folder with 3 holes

             1    2 inch 3 ring binder/notebook

3 pocket folders, 2  spiral bound notebooks

 3   black and white marbled Composition  notebooks

             Kleenex, ,baby wipes, Clorox wipes

Ziploc baggies ( gallon or quart sized)

3rd Grade

Book Bag, 24 Pencils, Erasers, 2 packs  Crayons

Colored Pencils & Highlighters

A  zippered Pencil Pouch, 2 pair  Scissors

 4 Glue Sticks & a pack of 3 x 5 Index Cards

1 Binder/Notebook (1½ inch wide)

1 pack of Notebook Paper

5 Composition Books ( no spiral please)

5 two-pocket Folders without prongs

Earbuds  for Macbook Computers

Gallon  size Ziploc Baggies & Kleenex

Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

4th Grade

Book Bag, 24 Pencils & 4 or 5 large Erasers

Scissors (sized for your child)

5 Glue Sticks, Markers, Crayons,

Colored Pencils ,2 Composition books

2 different colored 2-pocket folders with prongs

   2 packs of wide ruled Notebook Paper,

1 Binders/Notebooks (3-ring, 1 or 1½ inches wide)

Headphones (earbuds) ,Kleenex, Disinfectant Wipes,Hand Sanitizer, Ziplock Bags

5th Grade

Book Bag, Pencils, Erasers,

 Colored Pencils, Red Pens, Scissors, Highlighters

2 packs Notebook Paper,  Pouch to store pencils, pens & highlighters

5 Composition books for Journals

10 Pocket Folders-2 of each of the following colors:

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow & Orange

2 sets earbuds for MacBook Computers