Website under fire after discovering they are fencing a local high school’s artworkDSC00004.JPG

A website was under fire after a student at High Tech High Chula Vista (HTHCV) tweeted a link to a  website that was stealing and selling student’s work from the project based school. The website is apart of a big website called The web page is run by a man named Jack Nandos. He claimed to be an artist based in San Diego, California in the “About Me” page on the website. On the homepage, it states that all the art is made by him. Many students at HTHCV and even HTMCV have claimed their artwork has gone missing. The artwork stolen varies from different projects. The tweet, which blew up over the weekend, was written by Adam Maryniewski. Maryniewski was researching art for a class project and he stumbled upon the website. As he was scrolling through the page he started to recognize some of the art. He decided to tweet about it and some of his friends confirmed that the artwork was from HTHCV.  

It didn’t take too long for students to start brainstorming who the culprit could be. Some said it’s one of the many visitors HTHCV gets and some are suspecting visitors. However it was actually a man called Jack Nandos. He was given the idea to start the little business by an inside source. One of Jack Nando’s close friends is a parent at HTHCV. The parent noticed while walking in the hallway that student’s artwork is just left out in the open and he told Jack Nandos. We haven’t been able to find any people who have purchased art from the page.

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