Mrs. Smith’s

General Class Rules

1.         Be Prepared! Come to class with everything you need: pens, paper,

homework, books, etc. Not being prepared will mean work detention! If you

run out of notebook paper or are in need of a green pen for grading please

ask the teacher if you can use some from her collection. Do not be sneaky!

2.         Get Ready! You are welcome to talk until the bell rings. But once it rings you

should have everything out and ready to go for class: homework out, pens

out, book opened, etc.:

        If you are not prepared when the bell rings a work detention will be given!

3.         No Talking! While I am teaching I expect your undivided attention. Respect

your neighbor by refraining from talking. Any talking will be awarded a

Work Detention.

4.         Be Neat! All written work should include your name (first and last), date,

class, and assignment number written in the top right-hand corner of your

paper. Your work must be neat and legible--if not, it will be handed back to

be re-done and you will docked a letter grade.

5.         Be Considerate! Do NOT mess with another person's belongings. This

includes doodling on anyone else's papers you are grading. If you grade a

classmates paper incorrectly and do not mark off wrong answers, you will

receive the lower score of the student whose paper you are grading.

6.         Follow Directions! Use your cover sheet at all times during a test or quiz. All

grading must be done in GREEN INK and you must include your name as

the grader on the bottom of the assignment you are grading.

7.        Be Creative!! Your teacher LOVES creativity and will award students for their

creativity on projects or interactive notebooks. Think outside the box! Do

some research online! You’re goal is to impress the teacher! Is she’s

impressed good grades will be given.

8.        Work Hard! Once the lesson has been taught you are to work only on the

homework assignment or current project assigned for that class ONLY.

You must ask permission to work on any other subject….but ONLY if the

assignment for the current class is completed. ALWAYS have materials in

class to work on your projects! If not I will give you work to do!

9.        Complete Everything! ALL homework assigned must be completed or a

homework slip will be given and a 0% recorded in the grade book. Even if

only one problem is not answered a homework slip will still be given.

Check your homework to make sure everything is answered.

10.        Leave Nicely! All four chair legs must remain on the floor at all times. No

leaning back on two legs, etc. When taking a test or quiz you must be

sitting flush with your desk. Before leaving the classroom, your chair must

be pushed completely under your desk.