Social Media Education for ISS Teachers, Parents and Students

Standards Met:

ISTE Teacher Standard #3: Model digital age work and learning

ISTE Teacher Standard #5: Engage in professional growth

and leadership

ISTE Student Standard #5: Students understand human, cultural, and societal

issues related to technology and practice legal and

ethical behavior.

Enduring Understanding:

Social media is a major part of our students’ lives and therefore teachers should be modeling its use.

Social media can be a powerful form of PD for teachers.

Essential Questions:

What does it mean for a teacher to use social media in a way that models digital age work and learning?

In what ways does social media challenge the traditional PD model for teachers?


Goal: To have the Faculty, Students and Parents create an presence in social media based on best practice for their age group.

Role: Each participant is themselves in this very real world scenario.

Audience: The world. Whomever is on social media.

Situation: Students, Teachers, and Parents at the International School of Stavanger are poised to learn a lot about their own social media presence.  

Product: The product for parents will be an educated mind that understands how social media can be used by themselves and their children. For teachers and students the product will be social media accounts/presence based on best practice.

Standards/Criteria for Success:

Feedback from Parents, Students and Faculty that they are benefiting from the use of social media. I also expect to see more and more people.

Six Facets of Understanding:

Explain: Teachers will integrate the concepts of proper social media use into their classrooms, explaining to the students the best practices.

Interpret: Students should be able to choose which form of social media works best for them with various goals in mind.

Apply: Teacher: take an idea that was learned via social media (Twitter for example) and use it in the classroom

Perspective: Students should be able to argue for or against the use of social media in their education. This allows

Empathize: Parents and students talk about how each other use social media in different ways.

Have self-knowledge: Parents, Students and Teachers will be able to reflect with confidence about the value and purpose of their own social media presence.

Practical steps and approaches: (see blog post for more detail and reflection on the process)

Parent Connection: It’s social media education time parents! This will be a morning session (we already have a precedent for this time slot). I will also try and do an evening time to accommodate the working spouses. With some help from the parent association I will find a time to run the practical sessions for parents. These will be open lab times where parents bring their devices and we get hands on time with the different forms of social media.

Teacher Time: Due to the nature of work days in Norway (most people have a “hard stop” a 4pm) getting this sort of time can be tough to carve out with teachers. I can get some time in the all-faculty meetings that we run once a month, but that will be limited. The best thing will be for me to offer multiple-repeated sessions during the day and after school. I will cover what is legal in Norway, as this is a concern for people here, then move on to teachers using social media for their personal learning networks, and then move on to how teachers can use social media in the classroom.

Student Sessions: I’ll work with the principals in the middle and high school to arrange time with the students. The middle school is fairly easy as they are a close knit group and there is a lot of uniformity in the schedule etc. They also have homeroom times etc. The high school may be more of a challenge since they have less of a regular schedule, students take courses across multiple grade levels, and they have the IB to deal with so there is less wiggle room in the 11th and 12th grades. Sessions will include best practice for social media with a little “how to create a personal learning network” sprinkled in.