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Original by

Lieutenant Ramius Easterwood

Reviewed and amended by:

Commodore Rosine Heinkel

Published by:

UFS Academy

Intended Audience:

Squadron Leaders of UFS Academy Squadrons

Reviewing Authority:

Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun

Commander-in-Chief, UFS

First Edition: 140701

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About UFS Academy

United Federation Starfleet Academy, UFSA, is the primary training facility for UF Starfleet members. New members of UFS are required to pass the Core Curriculum to graduate from the Academy. The time our members spend with the Academy is seen by many to be one of the best and most fulfilling experiences UF Starfleet has to offer. Once graduated from the Academy, Cadets are eligible to be commissioned as officers or enlisted in United Federation Starfleet.

Note for the Squadron Leaders

As you begin your career mentoring the newest recruits to Starfleet, you will face many successes and trials with your Cadets. Some situations and classes will be rewarding, while others will make you want to rip your hair out of your skull and go running off into the sunset. In the end, if you stick with it, the friendships you will form with your Cadets will have a lasting affect on the Cadets you are trying to reach. Whether they are the greenest Cadet or the most experience officer in Starfleet already, the lessons you pass on will have a profound effect on them.

The academy is responsible for training the future of Starfleet to be the best they can be and to make the group proud. A Squadron Leader’s goal is to mentor and lead those new recruits to their new lives in the world of UFS. This manual will serve as your "guide" to being a good mentor, leading the Cadet through their Academy career and finally graduating the UFS Academy as a full-fledged Starfleet Officer or Enlisted member. This manual will help you through some of the challenges that you will inevitably find yourself facing during your career as a UFS Squadron Leader in Starfleet This will be divided up into sections for easy reference. Thank you for taking the time to read through this manual.

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose of Squadron Leaders and What They Do
  2. What Happens When a Cadet Joins UFS?
  3. Reports and Other Duties
  4. Daily Tasks
  5. Weekly Tasks
  6. Cadet Packet
  7. Graduation and Beyond
  8. Disciplinary Action - Squadron Leader
  9. Appendices

1. Purpose of Squadron Leaders and What They Do

As Squadron Leaders, you not only serve as Academic Advisors, Curriculum and Scheduling advisors, and General Cadet Support, but also as mentors, leaders, Den Mother/Dad and more. To further define these roles:

Other duties include the following:

Squadrons are set up based on the location where the Cadet will be attending classes and set up as follows:

NOTE: The real-life portion of UFS will have the same support with the exception of the role-play portion of the Squadron Leader’s duties.

2. What Happens When a Cadet Joins UFS?

Once a Cadet joins UFS, they are in the database as a Cadet assigned to the respective Academy Campus group by Personnel. This is where you will find your new Cadets each week.

3. Reports and Other Duties

As a Squadron Leader, you have several required duties to reach each week to ensure that your Cadet is passing through the Academy as they should and not falling through the cracks. There are several ways to make sure that you have not missed any Cadets in the database. One way is to have a double check balance system where the new recruit sends a private message on the database to their Squadron Leader and another check where the Squadron Leader checks the database once a day for any new recruits. With a system like this, the problem of a Cadet falling through the cracks is lessened. There is a higher chance of a happy group member over an unhappy, left out group member. With that said, your duties include:

Part of the job of Squadron Leader is to mentor and support the Cadets in their goals of reaching graduation and joining the main group as a full Starfleet Enlisted member or Officer. You are there to lead them to the end of their graduation. Be friendly. Help them when they need help. And finally, guide them. You serve the role of mentor, guidance counselor, or teacher. Some of you will serve multiple roles, but in this job your main role is that of mentor and guidance to the end. You will, above all, make sure the Cadet is ready for life in UFS.

4. Daily Tasks

Check Database: Each day you should check the Database for new Cadets.  

New Cadets: When you get a new Cadet in your Squadron, depending on their location, do the following:

If they are also located in a metaverse:

NOTE: Both the real-life part of the group and the metaverse part of the group have essentially the same tasks, but are formatted for each. For metaverse Cadets, you can send them an IM immediately, but for the real-life Cadets, you will have to start with an email or database IM or message. Either way, the goal is to introduce yourself and set the Cadet up with the tools they need to be successful in their career in UFS.

Tracking Information: As information is updated on your Tracking Sheet you also need to check the UFS Membership Master Sheet: http://tinyurl.com/ufsmembershipmastersheet

This information is viewed by the Admiral and if it is not kept up to date, you WILL be hearing from the Admiral himself. Very Important!

5. Weekly Tasks

6. Cadet Packet

After you have introduced yourself, you’ll want to send the Cadet packet that includes at least the following:

You may also want to include a map of your colony to help the Cadet find his/her way around.

It is recommended to send a Cadet packet via one or more of the following ways:

As a final note: Cadets have a lot of questions. They may be an old hat to role-play groups or they could be completely new to fan organizations and role play in general. You may find yourself overwhelmed with messages while you are online or you could find yourself capped by messages from Cadets. Please remember that you are sometimes their only support and they are just asking for help. If you find this to be overwhelming, speak with your Campus Director or Vice Commandant for help.

7. Graduation and Beyond

While your responsibility with the Cadets ends when they graduate, they don’t have to be finished with the Academy. They should be encouraged to continue taking classes to improve their knowledge and understanding. If they choose to want to move up within not only their rank but in position, the classes through the Academy could help them achieve their goals.

Please familiarize yourself with the programs outlined in the UFS Academy Manual so you can help encourage the Officers and Enlisted personnel to have additional goals.

8.  Disciplinary Action - Squadron Leader

Please follow these steps.

9. Appendices

Appendix A: Contact Information

Campus Directors or Vice Directors

Pinastri Squad Copernicus

Pinastri Squad Halley

Pinastri Squad Hubble

Pinastri Squad Galilei

Asterios Squad Kepler

Digiworlds Squad Kempf

Metropolis Squad Newton

Digiworlds Squad Sagaan

 Real life Squad Cassini

Squad Messier

Branch Commanders

Helpful Links:





Academy Instructor Report 

Chain  of Command:

Squadron Leader

↳ Campus Director

↳ Vice Commandant

↳ Superintendent

10. Amendments

  1. 20150210 Before Graduation may be completed: The Cadet MUST be assigned to a Ship/Station before Graduation may be completed. 
  2. 20150215 Disciplinary Action - Squadron Leader