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Doteveryone Ethical Tech Initiatives Directory                                                


There’s a lot of good work being done in ethical and responsible tech today, so we’re making this directory to help more people find out about the growing number of initiatives and their impact.

This directory focuses on initiatives which help make more tech responsible/ethical, rather than individually ethical products or services. So: standards, training courses, advocacy, guidelines, campaigns, regulations, networks, tools, etc.

If there’s something missing from this list, we want to know about it. Add a comment with a link to it or get in touch with Doteveryone to tell us more.


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#business - for initiatives about more ethical business

#company_policy - for examples of company policies

#pledge - for examples of pledges, oaths, personal professional codes etc


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It’s worth noting that a lot of good practice in security, reliability and safety in tech is so aligned with ethical/ trustworthy/ responsible that it’s ending up in here, even when it’s not overtly about ethics. So that’s a thing. That’s fine :)


Accenture Data Ethics Initiative

Published in 2016 (with research starting in late 2013), this is among the world’s leading thoughts on the role of data ethics in digital societies. Of particular note, you’ll find documents on 12 Universal Principles of Data Ethics, one on Data Sharing Best Practices and Governance Models, another focusing on Informed Consent and Avoiding Harm, and for those managing development teams using PMI (Project Management Institute) best practices or ITIL’s Service Delivery Lifecycle, this document describes how to integrate discussions of data ethics into these existing frameworks. One interesting note about this initiative is that all of their thought leadership is published under creative commons with attribution license. (contact or any of the authors listed on the back pages for more info)

ACM (The Association of Computing Machinery)
Has a
code of ethics and professional conduct and a software engineering code. #software #pledge

ACM ethics currently being updated [2018]

ACM Statement on IOT Privacy and Security #IoT

ACM principles for Algorithmic transparency and accountability #algorithms

AI Now’s Guidelines for Algorithmic Impact Assessments #algorithm #guidelines

Ada Lovelace Institute

Alan Turing Institute, The has a Data Ethics Group #AI #ethics

Algorithmic Accountability: A Primer - Prepared for the Congressional Progressive Caucus by Data & Society [April 18, 2018] #algorithms

Algorithmic Justice League #data

Athena Swan
“ECU’s Athena SWAN Charter was established in 2005 to encourage and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) employment in higher education and research.” #business #diversity #certification

Responsible Autonomy [paper] - translating ethics into practical stuff for programmed agents #AI #ethics



Biosphere Code Manifesto #ai #data #iot #conservation

Bloomberg data ethics principles voting site #pledge #company_policy

British Standard kitemark for IOT security #standard #IoT

BuySocial  #directory

The Bytegeist: Using design fiction and science fiction to interrogate privacy in sensing technologies by Richmond W #privacy #design #IoT



Calm Tech 

Cambridge Big Data - Ethics, Law and Policy theme

The Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility

A research centre at De Montfort University that specialises in researching the social and ethical impact of technology. #ethics

Centre for Digital Anthropology

Centre for Existential Risk 
“The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk is an interdisciplinary research centre within the University of Cambridge dedicated to the study and mitigation of human extinction-level risks that may emerge from technological advances and human activity.”  

Center For Technology Ethics   We research and map the landscape and produce knowledge representation resources and artefacts as well as educational materials #AI #ethics #knowledge

Centre for the Study of Global Ethics

Civil Infrastructure Platform - Linux Foundation Projects #software #safety

Cloud Computing certifications and privacy seals -  
EU Publications - Final reports #privacy #certification
Inventory and analysis of privacy certification schemes

Challenges and possible scope of an EU privacy seal scheme 

Certification Schemes for cloud computing

A Cloud for Good (inclusive, responsible, trusted)  Microsoft’s policy resources #policy [2018 Update]

Cloud Security Alliance Future proofing the IOT  #IoT

Code of Ethics Call by DJ Patil  Includes links to places to discuss, and useful comments #pledge

Collaborative Tech Alliance - community around shared tech, with member support, principles pledge etc #business


An EU funded project on Responsible Research and Innovation in Industry (working with BLabs) #innovation

Compass Responsible Innovation self-check tool “The self-check tool helps you to determine to what extent your company practices already align with responsible innovation principles, what you can do to make your company’s innovation processes and outcomes even more responsible, and how you compare to other companies.” The COMPASS Responsible Innovation self-check tool is a learning and self-diagnostic tool for responsible innovation in business. It aims to help Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and larger companies in highly innovative sectors to learn how to effectively integrate responsible innovation practices into their company and innovation management. #tool

Consentful tech (zine)  #privacy

Consumer Data Research Centre work with private and public data suppliers to ensure efficient, effective and safe use of data in social science.

Consumers International Digital Program, 

 #consumer #fintech #trust

Consumers International G20 Digital Recommendations #business #security #privacy

Cooperative Technologists Network (UK)

Corporate Equality Index 
Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index is the [American] benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.” #business

Council for BigData, Ethics, and Society- Started in 2014 to provide critical social and cultural perspectives on big data initiatives. The Council brings together researchers from diverse disciplines — from anthropology and philosophy to economics and law — to address issues such as security, privacy, equality, and access in order to help guard against the repetition of known mistakes and inadequate preparation. Through public commentary, events, white papers, and direct engagement with data analytics projects, the Council will develop frameworks to help researchers, practitioners, and the public understand the social, ethical, legal, and policy issues that underpin the big data phenomenon. #algorithms #BigData

The Critical Engineer (ethos around security) #manifesto


“Ctrl-Shift are a specialist consultancy helping organisations to prosper in the new digital economy. By using information – especially customer information – in the hands of the individual, our clients build trusted and strategic market positions through new, rich digital services.”  #business

Computing professionals for social responsibility (CPSR) -- old project 1990s? Ended circa 2008? Had stickers with "do you know what your expert system just inferred?" + a mushroom cloud

Curricula - Tech Ethics Courses  #ethics #education



DARPA - Explainable AI Program #AI

“A politically independent ThinkDoTank based in Denmark with a European (and global) outreach. We work to promote data ethical products and services, and our approach is constructive and action-oriented.”

Data Ethics Canvas from the ODI #data #tool

Data Justice lab -- datafication and social justice #algorithms

DataKind’s Ethical principles for pro bono data scientists #data #datascience

Data Practices Manifesto  #pledge #algorithms #data #datascience

Data Science hippocratic oath #pledge

Data and Society - #Research Institute #data

Defence companies ethics and anti-corruption rankings by Transparency International #company_policy

Denver Manifesto on values in computer science education #manifesto

Design Justice Network Principles #design #principles #pledge

Design the right thing #design a designers code of #ethics

Design tips for social systems  #design #social

Digital Analytics Association #data

Hosts “The Web Analyst's Code of Ethics”, which “represents an industry effort to treat consumer data with the respect and attention it deserves. It is a commitment to data stewardship and an effort to educate organizations and Internet users globally of digital data collection and utilization practices”.

Digital Design Tool “So you want to design an algorithm” tool from Centre for Technology and Democracy #tool toolkit for nonprofits and foundations for ethical data use #data #toolkit #nonprofit 

Digital Life Collective - a cooperative to build tech citizens can #trust 

The Digital Standard - #security and #privacy focus, from Consumer Reports (US testing org)

Digital Society Network

Digital Wellness Collective - a forward thinking collective of educators, mental health practitioners, software developers, social change organizations and champions of tech for good.

Disasters and threats - ethical resources for tech in extreme contexts [responsible robotics + 4TU] #drones #disasters

DotEveryone An independent organisation established to champion responsible technology for the good of everyone in society

10 rules for responsible Big Data research ethics  #data

Dubai Ethical #AI #Principles #toolkit



European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) The EU's independent data protection authority. Features the 2015 “Towards a new digital ethics Data, dignity and technology” #data_protection

European Digital Rights (EDRi)  - Association of civil and human rights organisations from across Europe #rights

European H2020 data ethics manual #data #ethics #manual

Edinburgh Futures Institute - Data Society research theme 

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) 

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. We work to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows”.

E.g. Secure Messaging Scorecard - In the face of widespread Internet surveillance, we need a secure and practical means of talking to each other from our phones and computers. Many companies offer “secure messaging” products—but are these systems actually  secure? We decided to find out, in the first phase of the EFF Campaign for Secure & Usable Crypto. #rights

Ethical guidelines for emotional AI from #AI #guidelines

Engineering Council - Statement of Ethical Principles 

“As the regulatory body for the UK engineering profession, the Engineering Council sets and maintains internationally recognised standards of professional competence and commitment.”

Engineering Ethics 
The [Royal] Academy’s work on engineering ethics covers ethics in engineering education, ethics in practice and the issues surrounding emerging engineered technologies.” #ethics

The Engine Room #tech4good

EPSRC Framework for Responsible Innovation #innovation

EPSRC Principles for Robotics #robotics #design #regulation #principles

Ethical Ads Part of Read the Docs, advertising model  #advertising

Ethical AI  - Google Doc of Links #AI

Ethical Digital Policy - a toolkit for cities An open source Policy Toolkit for cities to develop digital policies that put citizens at the center and make Governments more open, transparent, and collaborative. #cities #toolkit #policy #government

Ethical Dimensions of User Centric Regulations #regulation #journal_article

Ethics Canvas - a tool for exploring the ethics of a project #tool

Ethics for Designers #ethics #design

Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence - Berkman #AI #academic - a community about tech #ethics

Ethical Design - wiki of resources #wiki #resources #design - a network of AI practitioners and an ethical #AI set of principles and processes. UK think tank.

EthicalOS - a toolkit and checklist to explore potential future impact of tech, across 8 ‘risk zones’ #toolkit #checklist #ethics #design

European Data Protection Supervisor #data

European Parliament recommendations to the Commission on Civil Law Rules on Robotics #policy #robotics



Fortune Gender Index: Fortune gathered the employee demographic data of 14 tech companies and ranked them by gender and ethnic diversity. #gender #diversity

A Framework for Making Ethical Decisions  Brown University paper introducing ethics frameworks and concepts #ethics #frameworks

Future of Life’s Asilomar AI Principles #AI

FTC’s Office of Technology Research and Investigation #consumer #regulation

Fairness Accountability & Transparency in Machine Learning (FATML): Set up to developers and product managers design and implement algorithmic systems in publicly accountable ways. #AI #data fight for the Future is dedicated to protecting and expanding the Internet’s transformative power in our lives by creating civic campaigns that are engaging for millions of people. Alongside internet users everywhere we beat back attempts to limit our basic rights and freedoms, and empower people to demand technology (and policy) that serves their interests. #rights #campaign

Future Advocacy - AI in Low and Middle Income Countries #AI

Futurice data ethics canvas #AI #tech4good #principles

Free software foundation europe (FSFE) #rights #software

Free Software Foundation “Respects your Freedom” mark #software #rights #campaign

List of FATML researchers #algorithms



Global Commission on Internet Governance: Established to articulate and advance a strategic vision for the future of Internet governance. The project conducts and supports independent research on Internet-related dimensions of global public policy. #policy #regulation

Global Ethics  Consultancy for organisations on ethics

Geckosystems safety NDA #company_policy #robot #Ai



Hacker ethic 

Health Data Rights

Horizon Institute for Digital Economy Research

Hub of All Things an ecosystem for personal control and agency online #tool #privacy

Human Data interaction principles  -- paper #data #privacy

Human AI Toolkit #AI #ethics

Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project

Human rights video / photo ethics guides from Witness reducing addictive tech #attention

Humane-Tech Reading List reading list compiled by Alexander Steinhart, co-founder and CEO of OFFTIME, for everybody who wants to be in control of their own technology usage and/or wants to develop and design technology that’s better aligned with humanity’s best interest.

Humane by design  - a resource that provides guidance for designing ethically humane products through best practices focused on user well-being.  #design #resources hacker works manifesto #tech4good

HCI toolkits and frameworks (HT Horizon):

Value sensitive design (Friedman et al 2008),

Reflective design (Sengers et al 2005), a variety of impact assessments including Ethical (SATORI, 2016)/social (Edwards, Diver and McAuley 2016)/surveillance) /privacy (Wright and De Hert, 2012)/ RFID (Spiekermann, 2011) / data protection (ICO, 2014),

Responsible research and innovation (Stahl, Eden and Jirotka, 2013),

Human data interaction (Mortier and Crabtree, 2015),

Real time technology assessment (Guston and Sarewitz, 2002);

Anticipatory governance (Barben et al, 2008)



IET rules of conduct: The IET promotes and encourages ethical behaviour in the practice of science, engineering and technology by all stakeholders. #pledge

Open Internet of Things Assembly background and statement #iot - 2017 converted to a trustmark for IOT 

IEEE’s Ethically Aligned Design #AI #data  - and an article setting out the various IEEE standards around ethics and why you’d use them where 

And consultation / engagement site 

And list of AI related principles - [may be contributor only access]

Internet of Things Manifesto / #IOT Design Manifesto  (and #pledge)   from

IEEE Standard for Algorithm Bias Considerations #algorithms

IEEE Standard for transparency of autonomous systems #robotics #AI’s Ethical Design and badge #design #standard

I am The Cavalry Hippocratic oath for medical devices #medical

IATC 5 star automotive cyber safety #vehicles

Information Commissioner’s Office an independent authority to uphold information rights in the public interest #regulation #policy

Concept for a security themed IOT voluntary mark  #iot

Institute of Development Studies Advancing knowledge, shaping policy and inspiring practice on digital development

Internet of ownership #platforms inc of coops and projects

Intel’s curated list of AI ethics tools 

Microsoft’s inclusivity toolkit and icons p18+

International Campaign for responsible technology Connecting activists and organizations around the world,

To make the electronics industry accountable and sustainable #campaign #safety

IDEO Design Kit #design

ISO “electronic discovery” ISO/IEC 27050-1:2016 Electronic discovery is the process of discovering pertinent Electronically Stored Information (ESI) or data by one or more parties involved in an investigation or litigation, or similar proceeding. ISO/IEC 27050:2016 provides an overview of electronic discovery. In addition, it defines related terms and describes the concepts, including, but not limited to, identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis, and production of ESI. ..ISO/IEC 27050-1:2016 is relevant to both non-technical and technical personnel involved in some or all of the electronic discovery activities, and it is not intended to contradict or supersede local jurisdictional laws and regulations, so exercise care to ensure compliance with the prevailing jurisdictional requirements. #standard #data

#IOT #Sustainability guidelines 

IOTMark’s IOT standards and badges landscape study #iot



Just Peace: JustPeace Labs aims to empower local communities to be active participants in creating lasting just peace through the use of technology. They have ethical guidelines. #Tech4Good #standard

JSAI Japanese society for AI ethical guidelines #AI #ethics

Just data Lab - a set of resources on tech and social justice, fairness, and pledges/manifestos


K on consent and notification #data #privacy #IoT

Krishna’s great list of software bias and fairness resources #bias #ai #algorithms #papers #readinglist





Microsoft cybersecurity policy for the internet of things #IOT #policy

Markle framework for networked personal health info #medical #consumer #data #policy

Microsoft Privacy Ideation Cards: Playing the Legal Card: Using Ideation Cards to Raise Data Protecton Issues within the Design Process #design #regulation #privacy #data

Montreal declaration for responsible #AI #principles

UK Digital Catapult  Machine Intelligence Garage Ethics framework (and process) #startups #AI #machinelearning #data #tools



Never Again: This pledge is only a first step towards the goal of organizing tech workers to fight against the use of technology to enable the expansion of large scale human-rights abuses by the U.S. government. #pledge #funder #philtech

Nesta proposed #principles for public sector use of #algorithm decision making

Nesta timeline/map/database of AI governance efforts

Nos Systèmes (Our Systems) by Fing (in french) : a grid for a non-technical dialogue with technology to make technical systems more readable, more equitable and symmetrical by mediation (organizing dialogue between systems and society) ; explanation ; playability ; symmetry for a parity of treatments ;  and openness.



Open Social Web Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web

Open Identity Exchange’s Trust framework - a safe path to AI #AI #safety

8 Principles of Open Government Data Open Technology Institute - The OTI looks at how, in this digital age, we ensure that there is universal access, that we have an internet that is as Sir Timothy Berners-Lee envisioned: one that is open and free, ...Where inequities in other parts of society don’t play out.

Ofcom UK regulator #regulation

OECD - report on ethics of research with emerging data in economics and social science #publication

Open Rights Group #campaigns #rights

Open Data Institute - The ODI connects, enables and inspires people around the world to innovate with data. It believes in knowledge for everyone and that openness is a vital mechanism to create an environment where everyone can benefit. The ODI works to build a strong, fair and sustainable data economy in which data gets to the people who need it. #data #ethics #business #innovation #policy

Open Data Institute data ethics canvas #tech4good #business

Open cloud 

Open plans 

Open source hardware   #hardware

Open Knowledge Definition

10 Principles for opening up government information #principles #data

Principles for Open Data in Science #principles #data

ORBIT responsible research and innovation  - primarily for academic ICT research. Also offers “offers a variety of Industry focused services to organisations looking to explore ethical implications including Consultancy, Ethical Framework Evaluation and the Safety and Assurance of Autonomous Systems”, #workshops and #courses #iCT - Office of the UN High Commissioner for human rights, guidance for business on how they should incorporate human rights in their work

Open Integrity - security and privacy software metrics 

OTA IOT trust framework #IOT #privacy #safety

Oxford Internet Institute Digital Ethics Lab



PRISMA - Piloting responsible research and innovation in industry #innovation #policy

Partnership on AI to benefit people and society #AI

Principles for Digital development (international devt) #principles

Principles for Digital Development - best practice for development (Unicef, USAid, etc) #principles

Projects by IF #design

Privacy International #privacy #data #security #surveillance #democracy

Google’s People and AI Research initiative  #AI

Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto - getting from principles to value

Privacy Patterns - #data #design #tools        

Princeton Web Transparency project [paper] 

PwC responsible technology / CSR framework (supply chain, ops, people, clients) #company_policy

Programmers Oath #pledge #software

Public Data Lab

Princeton AI ethics case studies #ai #casestudies #ethics





Ranking Digital Rights corporate accountability index #policy

Royal Academy of Engineering professional code of ethics: bringing together the profession to agree a set of aspirational principles and working with engineering educators to explore ways of teaching engineering ethics. #pledge

Responsible Research and Innovation - European #framework

Responsible Robotics Foundation #robotics

Redecentralize [projects list]

Responsible Big Data Research #data #research-practices

Responsible100 - a scorecard for organisations acting responsibly, including #data, cyber #security, etc

Rugged Software - a development ethos #software

Robohub’s roundup of AI #principles and #ethics 

Responsible technology Remote assistance and in-house programs to define and develop solutions

Royal Statistical Society - Data Ethics Special Interest Group

Reasons we need responsible tech - a twitter thread #reasons



Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice: software engineers have significant opportunities to do good or cause harm, to enable others to do good or cause harm, or to influence others to do good or cause harm. To ensure, as much as possible, that their efforts will be used for good, software engineers must commit themselves to making software engineering a beneficial and respected profession. In accordance with that commitment, software engineers shall adhere to the following #Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

Scrum alliance code of ethics: This #Code of Ethics establishes the expectations that we have of ourselves and our fellow practitioners in the global Scrum community, and establishes an organization-wide understanding of appropriate behavior.

Statistics code of practice: The UK Statistics Authority has a statutory objective of promoting and safeguarding the production and publication of official statistics that ‘serve the public good’. The public good includes: informing the public about social and economic matters, assisting in the development and evaluation of public policy and regulating quality and publicly challenging the misuse of statistics.

Simply Secure’s ethical guidance #IOT #security #privacy

Simply Secure’s Knowledge Base

Social Digital Innovation  Create a non-profit, non-equity, independent development program for social projects using tech; with a modular offering designed flexibly to fit any local context.

Software Is Politics design guidelines

Schneier’s list of IOT security guidelines #IOT

Sage “ethics of code” AI principles for business #company_policy #ai

Synopsys ethics code #company_policy [actual code here]

Santa Clara Principles for content moderation #content #moderation #socialmedia



Tech Inclusion: The Tech Inclusion Pledge is a bold, change-leading effort supported by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and CODE2040 to address the full spectrum of diversity (gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality and more), across industries and computing disciplines, within companies at all stages of growth.

Thoughtworks Building an Equitable Future working group research the social impact of tech trends, with a view to building a more equitable tech future. #meetup

Time Well Spent: Time Well Spent is a movement to transform the race for attention so it aligns with our best interests. #attention

Tech for Good Global #techforgood

Thingscon - responsible #IOT community & events

ThingsCon: Resources (meta-list of resources specifically around responsible #IoT) #Trust-Enhancing certified Solutions for #Security and protection of Citizens’ #rights in digital Europe

Trust in Digital Life - membership association comprising leading industry partners and knowledge institutes who exchange experience, share customer, market and technology insights, with the intention of improving the quality of trustworthy digital services and platforms available through joint research and development. #trust

Transition Design by Buckminster Fuller (Overview PDF)

UK Tech talent charter #gender

Trust & Technology Initiative

Trustworthytech slack - for people building trustworthy tech and those who support them - sign up here

TechOath from March 2018 medium post



Simply Secure Ethical User Research knowledge base 

Ubiquitous computing “everyware” #principles #ethics 

UN Global Union top 10 ethical #AI principles annotated policies with law student + machine learning info #privacy

UN OCHA responsible humanitarian data guidelines #data #humanitarian



value sensitive design #design  -- “[with]mounting public concerns around emerging data practices, RRI, data ethics and privacy. VIRT-EU addresses these concerns at the point of design through researching and intervening upon the development cultures and ethics of the next- generation IoT innovators.” #iot - ethical manifesto 



White House Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights #consumer #policy

The Waving Cat’s AI reading list #AI







Zebra questions to ask #design 



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