November 22, 2017

It has almost been one year under this new administration, and we have seen unprecedented attacks on our communities all over the United States by ICE and the Department of Homeland Security.  

Hundreds of Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian community members have been rounded up--taken from their homes and places of work and at routine check-ins with ICE officers and shuttled into an overgrowing immigration detention system that profits off the seizure of our people.  These arrests occur without warning, denying individuals an opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones or otherwise prepare for indefinite detention or eventual deportation.

Recently, a team of organizers, lawyers, advocates, and other volunteers from Georgia and North Carolina embarked on a mission to provide legal and emotional support to the known 40+ Vietnamese and ethnic minorities from Vietnam who were detained at Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia. They saw fathers who have been ripped away from their wives and young children; individuals who came to the United States as refugees, some when they were as young as one or two years old; and community members who have already spent years locked up for crimes committed many years ago.

This has lead us to call on our community to come together in defense of our family members who are locked inside detention centers in Stewart, Khrome, Adelanto, York, and all prisons across the country and who deserve to be released and reunited with their families and communities.

Sign on with us, help our voices ring clear--call on the leadership of this country to stop the inhumane detention and deportation of our family members! 

Sign on to Stop Detentions and Deportations to Vietnam!!