3rd Grade Questions

(More Questions can be found in the folder titled “Catechism Questions”)

23 March

Bible Story of the Week:  The Prodigal Son

What 3 groups of people are in the Communion of Saints?     *The people on Earth (the Church Militant), the people in Purgatory (The Church Suffering), and the people in Heaven (the Church Triumphant.

This young deacon was from Palestine in the 3rd century.  When they atried to burn him at a stake, he prayed and God sent rain to put out the fire.  He was later martyred anyway.  What was his name?     *Romanos

Someone who loves God and  lives a heroic life by imitating Jesus is called a ___________.     *saint

True or False:  All church members are called to be holy.

16 March

This saint was born to a rich family in Egypt.  He gave  all his money away ane went to live in the desert as a hermit.  Other monks came to join him and he was known for his holiness.  Who is he?   (St. Anthony the hermit)  (or St Anthony the Great)

True or False:  Our talents are a gift from God.     (T)

True or False:  God gave us the job of taking care of the earth.   (T)

True or False:   We share our faith with others when we meet at church to celebrate the  Divine Service fo the Holy Mysteries.  (T)

15 February

Which two commandment remind husbands and wives to remain faithful to their marriage vows?   * the 6th and 9th

Bible Story of the Week:  Elijah and the prophets of Baal  (1  Kings  18)

True or False:  St. Joseph was a descendant of King David.  *true

This saint was called “golden tongued” because of his preaching..  He was in Antioch in the 4th century.     *St. John Chrysostum

9 February

Bible story of the week:   David and Goliath

This holy monk in Lebanon was also a priest, and when he died there were miraculous lights around his grave for 45 nights.  Many people have been cured from diseases after praying for his intercession.  Who is he?  * St Sharbel

True or false:  The word “consecrate” means to set  aside for God.      *T

Religious monks, nuns, and priests are consecrated to God and promise to live  by 3 special virtues.  What are these three special virtues?    *Poverty, chastity, and obedience.                                

12 January (Ch 9--Ch 11)

Bible Story of the week:  Moses and the exodus from Egypt

Recommended family movies:  “Joseph King of Dreams,” and “Prince of Egypt.”

Who is the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the Church all over the world?  

*Pope Francis

Which saint did Jesus choose to be the first  leader of the church?      *St. Peter

Who is the bishop who is the leader of all the Maronite Catholics?    *the patriarch

What does the word “consecrated” mean?    *set aside for God

Consecrated priests and nuns make 3 special vows or promises.  What are they?    

        *poverty, chastity, and obedience

After this maronite saint died, a light shone around his grave for 45 days.  Who is he?

        *Saint Sharbel

True or false:  Every Catholic is consecrated to God at their Baptism.     *True

These 3 brothers were martyrs who were killed by  Islamic invaders.  Who are they?

        *  The Massabki brothers

24 November (Ch8) No Class next week. The next contest will be on Dec 8th.

How many apostles did Jesus choose to teach others about God’s love? *12

True or False: The faith we have today is the same faith of the 12 Apostles. *T

What book of the Bible tells us what the Apostles did after Jesus Ascended into Heaven? *Acts of the Apostles

Where is the book called Acts of the Apostles found in the Bible? *After the Gospels (after the Gospel of John)

Who is the man who persecuted the Christians until he was knocked off his horse and made blind? *Saul (or St Paul)

What man persecuted Christians and later became an apostle and preached to the Maronite ancestors? St. Paul

17 November (ch6-7)

The Maronite Church began in this city in Syria. It was in this city that followers of Jesus were first called “Christians.” What city is it? Antioch

True or False. The Catholic Church has one Western (or Latin) Rite, and 5 Eastern rites which come from the first ancient churches of Christians. *T

How many Holy Mysteries (sacraments) are there? *7

Name the seven Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) that help us grow in holiness.

        *(1)Baptism, (2)Chrismation (Confirmation), (3)Eucharist, (4)Penance (Confession), (5)Anointing of the Sick, (6)Holy Orders, (7)Crowning (Marriage).

Who leads the Church all over the world? *The Pope

Who leads the Maronite Church? *The Patriarch

True or False: One way that Maronites show oneness with others is by exchanging the sign of peace. *T

Everything we do at Church has two purposes. What are they? *To praise God and to make the members holy.

What word means “universal and open to all?” *Catholic

Which ordained man helps the priest and serves the people? *the Deacon

This Greek deacon was filled with the Holy Spirit and was martyred. His story is found in the Bible in the Acts of the Apostles. We celebrate his feast two days after Christmas. *Saint Stephen

During the Divine Service of the Holy Mysteries (during Mass), we pray a special prayer called an Anaphora. What does the word “Anaphora” mean? *offering


3 Nov

True or False:  Each of us is a  temple in which the Holy Spirit can live..       *T

This Persian priest wrote about  how faith can grow in us .  He is known as the Persian Sage.  Who is he?               *Araphat

What was Jesus’ first miracle?         *Changing water into wine.

This young deacon and his newlywed wife were martyred because they would not tell the soldiers where the sacred books were.  Who are they?      *Maura and Timothy   3 Nov

True or False:  Each of us is a  temple in which the Holy Spirit can live..       *T


Lesson 1  --  October 20

1.  We are like the plants growing in God’s garden.   What is God’s garden called?

                A.  The building

                B.  The Church *

                C. The Bible         

2.  Trusting that there is a God and that he loves us is called:

                A.  Faith*

                B.  Hope

                C.  Love

3.  Jesus used stories to teach people.  We call these stories:

                A.  Movies

                B.  Clues

                C.  Parables*

4.  In the Parable of the Sower, the seeds fell on 4 kinds of ground.  Name the 4 kinds of ground.

                *Path, rocky, weedy, and rich(good)

5. True or False:  The word “Church” means “to call together.”               *T

6.  Which Maronite Saint taught that we have to tend (or work on ) our faith if we want it to grow?                                      *Saint Maron

7.  Our Maronite Church began with holy monks who followed the way of a Saint.  He was their first Patriarch (or bishop) and led the Maronite Christians to safety in the mountains of Lebanon.  Who was this Saint?                                   *Saint Maron

8.  In the Parable of the Good Shepherd, who is the gate?  And who is the Good Shepherd?

                *Jesus         *Jesus

9.  Say the Lord’s prayer (in English, Lebanese, or Spanish)

10.  God is our loving Father who takes care of us.  We show that we love God by obeying His ten _______________________.           *commandments

11.  In the parable of the sower, what is the seed?         *the word of God