Parental Involvement Policy

Prairie Elementary School


Cayce Booher – Principal

Jarvis Hebert – Assistant Principal

Tara Walker – Assistant Principal

School Mission Statement: The mission of Prairie Elementary School is to provide every student with a nurturing environment to enable them to become successful learners.

School Vision Statement: Prairie






Belief Statement: We believe that every child has a right to a nurturing environment. The school should provide opportunities for each child to explore his or her strengths and talents.

Prairie Elementary School was opened in 1969 to students in grades K through 6. In 1978, the school was changed to Pre-K through 5th grade. Since this time,  population growth in the area of Ambassador Caffery and Congress has caused continual increases in student enrollment. During desegregation, Prairie was rezoned to accommodate students from the Cameron Street and University Avenue areas. In 2013, Prairie was given the opportunity to educate students from two lower performing schools in the district. Almost 100 students and their families chose Prairie as their elementary school. Currently, Prairie educates almost 811 students in grades Pre-K through 5. The school offers a French Immersion program for students in these grade levels along with regular education classes for students not enrolled in the program.

The faculty and staff of Prairie Elementary School developed this parental involvement policy. This policy will be placed on our school web page and updated as necessary.

All parents are encouraged to attend Open House at the beginning of the school year to become informed of the school’s participation in Title I and how those funds are allocated for the education of their children and for parental involvement activities. Parental Involvement activities include but are not limited to Prime Time, Math Nights, Cake Bingo, PBIS Family Night and guest speakers.

Information concerning Louisiana State Assessments, Common Core standards and benchmarks can be found on our school website through the link to the Louisiana Department of Education website. Information on state assessment results and how to interpret the results is sent home to parents as the school receives the information from the district and the state department.

Communication between teachers and parents is fostered through progress reports, online grades that can be accessed by parents at any time, weekly memos, and 9 week report cards. Prairie Elementary also provides opportunities for parents to meet with staff, volunteer and participate in their child’s classes, organizations and clubs. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences that are held several times during the school year. Teachers and parents also communicate regularly through the use of agenda books, notes, phone calls, text messages, conferences, OnCourse websites and emails. Administration, PTC and teachers also communicate with parents through PACE messages that are delivered via telephone. Parents also have access to Accelerated Reader programs throughout the year that provide instant access and email reports that monitor the progress of their child.

Opportunities are provided throughout the year for parents to participate in many programs and activities. When possible, the school will utilize the available services of the school system to assist parents as needed. When parents are unable to attend meetings, they will receive information related to the school and parental involvement activities through the use of PACE calls, mail, email, phone calls, weekly agendas and handouts. Our school website will also be updated regularly with important information such as upcoming events, fundraisers and after school activities.

Prairie Elementary School also recognizes the importance of strong family and community relations. Teachers and staff are encouraged to reach out to parents in an effort to provide opportunities for involvement in school functions. Our Partner in Education team is also responsible for reaching out to our community for assistance through organizations and businesses in our area.

High student achievement is our ultimate goal at Prairie. The faculty, staff, parents and students of Prairie Elementary recognize that it is a joint effort between all parties involved. A home-school compact has been developed, evaluated and revised and is sent out to each family at the beginning of the school year. The home-school compact states the expectations and responsibilities of all involved in maintaining high academic achievement. Academic and behavioral meetings are held weekly for those students not performing at a level deemed successful. Parents are invited to those meetings for their child and are asked for input in the decisions being made for their child.

The school will provide parents with the opportunity to express concerns or give comments regarding the school’s plan using surveys, dialogue with staff, and through the PTC.