Pétanque is one of the few sports played by and between players of both sexes over a wide range of age groups on equal terms. It truly is a sport for all the family

[Dave Pallett, East Midlands Pétanque Association]


- Petanque can be played by people of all ages and fitness levels

- Petanque is inexpensive

- No great strength required

- Learning to play Petanque is easy

- Petanque can be played virtually anywhere

- No special clothing or footwear required

- Social and competition play available year round

[From “Why Pétanque Is Good For Your Health, Wallet and Soul” by Will Georgi, freelance copywriter quoted on the website of the Longbeach Petanque Club (Mordialloc, Australia) September 2013]


Pétanque is essentially a social game ... and one where the underdog will often beat the favourite

[N Ashby, Rutland Panthers Pétanque Club]


The technical, sporting and self-discipline aspects of Petanque contribute to physical, sensory, intellectual and social development

[Confédération Européenne de Pétanque (CEP)]


It's really the social aspect that wins out: "The friendliness, the chat, the forgetting of your problems … You can't beat it”

[Ben Brousson, French banker and former regional champion living in London, quoted in the Guardian]


Because with sport come many things: increased confidence, greater self esteem, fresh challenges, inspiration, teamwork, fitness, strength, friendship, laughter and joy

[SportsAble, Maidenhead]


More and more people are discovering the delight to be had from this simple game

A huge attraction is that virtually anyone can play, and do well, right from the start

More and more schools are introducing Boules into their Physical Education programme. Not every student can make the first teams - all, however, can enjoy the taste of sporting success playing Boules

A further huge plus is that terrain is of little importance ... The variety of terrain can give the game spice

[Campbell Calder, GP, New Zealand MP]


Pétanque … is becoming popular here, partly to because it is so simple to play

[Daily Mail]

The game's attraction is down to the fact that it's "for both sexes, for all sorts, and all ages. It's exceptionally sociable yet tremendously competitive. You can play it on any reasonably level patch of bare hard ground … and while the rules are as simple as you could imagine, the tactics can be as complicated as chess"

[Mike Pegg, Confédération Européenne de Pétanque]


Pétanque is a three-dimensional throwing game in which the concept of a formal court doesn't exist. Even the world championships are played on rough, unlevel, ungroomed dirt and crushed gravel terrains

If you want to be challenged with a subtle, complex, multi-layered, inexpensive, egalitarian, environmentally friendly and truly universal sport - then you've got to give Pétanque a hard look

Within a few minutes of introductory practice throws, you can play games and have a great time. And the more technique and strategy one masters, the more engaging and fulfilling Pétanque becomes

Starting a new group provides the opportunity to establish baseline etiquette and player ethics to create an inclusive and supportive, yet uncompromisingly competitive environment

More than just a great game, Pétanque is an ideal tool to unite a diverse neighbourhood with a fun, challenging and inclusive activity in which all can participate

[From the review of the book “The Greatest Game You Never Heard of” (by B W Putman) on The Book Depository)]


Pétanque … is not an aerobic sport … and does not require speed or athleticism but precision and consistent rhythm

For these reasons, it allows players who may not feel able to compete in more physically explosive sports to experience the enjoyment of taking part in a genuinely competitive environment, often for the first time in their lives

If players are not physically capable of racing around a football field or a tennis court they often 'switch off' sport at a very early age and never return. Pétanque gives them the opportunity to compete on level terms because the emphasis is on skill and accuracy, rather than power or reaction time. It requires judgement of distance and line and the ability to vary technique and delivery depending on what type of surface or slope is being used …

One of its merits is that Pétanque was devised for, and is played by, a wide spectrum of people living with impairments … The rules incorporate clauses for wheelchair users and those living with the loss of a lower limb

It is also one of the few sports in which men and women, boys and girls, the retired and their grandchildren can compete on equal terms, either in discrete competitions or altogether. It is promoted as a family sport

Particularly with youngsters, it helps to develop the ability to concentrate …

In England, it is played, with one exception, in an outdoor setting so, at the very least, it gets people outside breathing fresh air … It is also a very social sport which encourages and enables interaction with others

Another benefit is that it puts teamwork, strategy and tactical awareness at a high premium. The heightened importance of the role of psychology in modern sport … is just as prominent in pétanque as any other competitive situation

[Adapted from: “The Benefits of Playing the Sport of Pétanque” Brian Stote (November 2010). Brian is an experienced and fully qualified English Pétanque Association coach and served until recently as the National Coach. He is a Committee member of Coventry Petanque Club]